One-On-One Expert Attention & Customized
Distribution Plans

Maximize exposure with one-on-one help from a PR expert & a customized distribution & targeted media outreach plan

PR Expert

One-on-one Help from a PR Expert

Work with a PR Strategist to get your press release picked-up by major media outlets and reach your target audience. This expert will work with you via email to review your press release, suggest improvements, and optimize it for maximum reach. They are also available as a resource to help answer any questions you may have.

Media Distribution

Customized Media Distribution

Starting from $49

Select the perfect distribution plan for your goals and press release content. This allows you to focus your efforts on the exact media sources you want to get in front of.

  • Target National News Outlets
  • Target Local & Regional Media
  • Target Media by industry
  • Target Key Decision Makers Looking for Stories
Google Listing

Google News Listing

Guaranteed listing on the #1 search engine! Google News sends 6 billion clicks per month to businesses & organizations all over the world. You can't afford to not have your press release published on this important and trusted news source.

  • NBC News
  • ABC News
  • Fox News

Media Affiliate Network

Get published on over 200+ outlets nationally. These sites include NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox News & more.

Tailored Media “PITCH” List

Reporters see thousands of press releases ever day. To break through the noise, your story needs to be seen as directly relevant to their audience.

We work with you to directly pitch individual reporters covering your industry or geographic area. This allows us to tailor your message for each recipient. Tailoring sets your press release apart from the crowd and greatly increases the chances your story will be covered since your news will be seen as highly relevant & “newsworthy”.

Send to NBC, CBS, Google News and thousands of premium news sites & publications

Your news will be seen on the web’s largest news sites, search engines and by interested
journalists and media
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bloomberg
  • National Journal
  • CNBC
Distribution Network
Thousands of Sites in Our Distribution Network

Your story is syndicated to a wide range of business, financial and news outlets to increase your presence online and in search.

PR Specialist
Dedicated PR Specialist

Your PR strategist will optimize your press release, customize a targeted distribution plan , and distribute your press release to thousands of premium news sites & publications.

Premium Publishers
Premium Publishers

Get featured on sites like Yahoo News, AOL, ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS, CNN Money, Bloomberg + many more quality publications.

Targeted Distribution
Targeted Distribution

Target national, regional, local or industry audiences. Also target key decision makers who are looking for stories.

Editorial Review
Professional Editorial Review

Your press release will be reviewed by our seasoned Editorial Team. Should you press release require revisions, our team will provide valuable feedback to ensure it meets our partner’s Editorial Guidelines.

Media Outreach
Media Outreach

Your PR specialist will help you reach out to journalists and influencers looking for news in your industry.

Financial Platforms
Reach Financial Platforms and Investors

Your story is syndicated to a wide range of business and financial and news outlets. Publicly-traded companies can reach financial platforms and investors.

Multi-Network Distribution

Not only will you get's highly trusted distribution network, but you are also sending via our trusted third-party distribution network. The largest, oldest and most trusted distribution network in the world.

Full Guarantee
Full Guarantee

No Risk 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! We guarantee your press release will be published in 24 hours or we will give you a 100% refund.

Know Where Your Story Is Published

A PDF report will detail exactly where your press release was published to.

Media Coverage Guarantee

We guarantee your press release will appear on at least 175 media sites or
we will give you a 100% refund. *Most customers get much better results.

Select a Distribution Plan & Your PR Specialists Will
Contact You!

Fast editorial process, 4,500 Distribution parters, full detailed analytics and reporting,
SEO and social media sharing.

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