Editorial Guidelines

PressRelease.com is an online press release distribution platform. We encourage all users to submit newsworthy stories regarding their company, websites, products and/or services.

PressRelease.com encourages the submission of such newsworthy stories related to but not limited to:

  • Stories on organizations, clubs or individual persons working towards economic justice or social justice.
  • Stories regarding different organizations such as church, community, schools, college, university.
  • Stories in which you believe can make a positive impact in the world we live in.
  • Updated and timely stories; that are well organized and researched.
  • First hand experiences and eyewitness accounts of demonstrations or progressive actions.
  • Headline international issues and local issues.

All press releases should embody the following qualities:

  • Written in Third Person format
  • An Objective Tone
  • Timely and Newsworthy Content
  • Clear Source Attribution
  • Valid Contact Information
  • Proper Spelling and Grammar
  • Legally Accurate and Factual

PressRelease.com has the right to refuse releases that are determined to be:

  • Libelous in nature – Any content that may include damaging statements to a person or company.
  • Personal opinions – Any opinions that are deemed defamatory or libelous towards a person or company will not be allowed.
  • Adult related content – No content about sexually explicit topics or subjects will be allowed.
  • Pending litigation – Any releases discussing a pending litigation case will not be accepted.
  • Affiliate marketing – If the release is determined to be a review of an affiliate marketing product (links to affiliate product), PressRelease.com has the right to refuse the release.
  • Blatant advertising – If the release is low quality and is considered advertising by our editorial team the release will not be accepted.
  • Weight Loss, Health Supplements or Sexual Enhancement Products – Releases on these topics will be reviewed extensively to determine its acceptability. The editorial team has the right to refuse any releases they believe does not soundly prove any or all claims in the release.
  • Make money schemes – Releases that fall under this category are subject to further review and may be rejected by our editorial team due to unsubstantial claims.
  • False information – All information in releases must be factual and verified.

PressRelease.com’s editorial staff reviews all press releases before distribution. Our editors have the final say in determining what content is appropriate for distribution on our platform. Although there is a review process, clients are responsible for making sure all content is factual and release has been checked for grammar and spelling. If any revisions are are necessary after submission, a re-processing fee may apply. For any changes to a release after publishing, please contact our customer service team for assistance.