Crystalsol: New CTO Signs Partnership with Forster for Production of Flexible Photovoltaic Film

Vienna, Austria - Today crystalsol GmbH (Vienna) announced the signing of a production partnership with Forster Verkehrs- und Werbetechnik GmbH. Forster will produce crystalsol's flexible photovoltaic film for integration into building elements.

Forster's commitment reflects the promising market potential of crystalsol's unique product: a new type of flexible photovoltaic film based on a crystalline semiconductor powder with outline and dimension being easily custom-designed to meet the specific requirements of building elements. The flexible photovoltaic film can either be opaque or transparent and can truly be integrated into façade- and rooftop-elements such as glass or tiles. Besides integration into the building envelope, the film can also be used for consumer products like mobile chargers, bags, clothes and the like.

Forster, who have extensive experience in high-throughput production such as roll-to-roll screen printing and lamination, is therefore the ideal partner for crystalsol's production. Already in 2011 the Lower Austrian based company decided to enter the field of renewable energy and commenced an R&D cooperation with crystalsol. Now Forster and crystalsol decided to intensify their cooperation and signed the production partnership which will ultimately result in an accelerated market entry for crystalsol's flexible PV film.

To support the production ramp-up, crystalsol recently extended its management team by Dr. Axel Neisser who took on the position as CTO. The photovoltaic expert is now in charge of technology development and production within crystalsol. Before joining crystalsol, he gathered more than twelve years of experience in the photovoltaic industry and previously led the development of thin film photovoltaic modules at Soltecture.

"The production cooperation with Forster Verkehrs- und Werbetechnik enabled us to accept first customer orders for integration of crystalsol's film into the customers' building elements", states Neisser and adds, "For our customers the possibility to have the photovoltaic film tailored in size and shape to the needs of their product is particularly important."

About crystalsol's technology
crystalsol develops an entirely new type of flexible photovoltaic film mainly for integration into building elements with a significant cost and versatility advantage compared to all currently known photovoltaic technologies. Core innovations of crystalsol's technology are the unique light-absorbing active layer made of crystalline semiconductor powder and the low-cost roll-to-roll production process, which ensures high throughput and yield. The crystalline semiconductor powder has a typical size of about 40 µm arranged as single layer fixed by a polymer film. The applied powder is made of the abundant materials copper, zinc, tin, sulphur and selenium (CZTS), avoiding the use of rare and expensive materials such as indium or tellurium.

Contact Details
crystalsol GmbH: Dr. Axel Neisser, CTO, +43 (1) 890 18 79 0, [email protected]


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