Press Release - - May 29, 2015 3:57PM EST

"Divide and Rule" with Actionspace for Office 365

"Divide and Rule" with Actionspace for Office 365

"Divide Et Impera" - Actionspace showcased how its native software for Office 365 and SharePoint Online helps executives and managers organize their day, manage teams and teamwork.

​​On May 27 Actionspace, LLC showcased how executives and managers can organize teamwork, manage teams, and plan their daily work with a native app for Office 365 and SharePoint Online.

Designed as a result of in-depth consultations with a panel of CxOs and team leaders from mid-sized businesses and departments of large companies, Actionspace’s dashboard and reminders provide managers with an instant overview of the tasks that require approval, the number of tasks currently assigned, how many tasks due today or overdue. If a team member faces any issue with an assigned task or a project, he/she can report it to the manager, who will be immediately notified about the issue.

Divide and Rule (from Latin maxim "Divide Et Impera")

One of the key manager’s responsibilities is to guarantee that business goals are delivered on time and business risks are eliminated. Meanwhile, in today’s multitasking corporate world with countless IMs, email clients, chats, and other communication tools, employees are often buried under piles of emails and meetings. They easily get distracted from tasks and assignments, especially if they receive them via email. With Actionspace software, any manager can easily see if an employee has accepted the task and proactively check up on it to assure the timely completion.

The Focus section, inspired by Getting Things Done@ (GTD) productivity concept by David Allen, helps managers to concentrate on the most important tasks for the day. It is recommended to select five to seven tasks for a day and do not move further until you get done with them. Together with the Important flag, the Focus section provides managers with an essential tool to focus on strategic things first.

Besides other features, there was demonstrated a manager's absolute dream -  a special feature providing full visibility and project traceability. The way it works is as follows - a manager assigns a task or a project to a team leader and then enjoys seeing how his assignment gets divided into subtasks when the team leader divide  subtasks to the core task and assigns them to  appropriate specialists. Subtasks can get split further and further, keeping the team manager informed on the most recent project status.

At the end of the demonstration the special offer was announced for those who plan to buy an Actionspace software before June 5.

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