Press Release - March 24, 2015 8:34AM EST

iSmartRecruit : An Intelligent Recruitment Solution From Elsner Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

iSmartRecruit : An Intelligent Recruitment Solution From Elsner Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

iSmartRecruit from Elsner Technologies is designed and developed to deliver the best in the recruitment world, bringing together years of experience in developing software for the recruitment industry and feedback from industry experts who have significantly contributed to the software. iSmartRecruit will enable recruiters and companies to hire the best talent available in the market.

Elsner Technologies, Ahmedabad, proudly launches  ‘best in class’ solution – iSmartRecruit, that will help recruitment companies and HR departments to hire top quality candidates. iSmartRecruit will enable organizations to reduce hiring timeframe, minimize recruitment costs and map quality talent to open positions. Encapsulating a powerful CRM, applicant tracking and scheduling, email management, reporting and analytics module, iSmartRecruit is an affordable staffing solution for recruitment consulting firms, recruitment agencies and small to mid-market corporates.  

iSmartRecruit will help organizations to hire best resources by restructuring processes to collaborate effectively with process owners, automate recruitment processes and increase recruiters’ productivity with custom tools.

With an advanced dashboard feature for information assimilation, analysis and faster decision making, this solution will provide data for work log, upcoming events, call summary, attendance, invoice and payment modules.  Resumes can be imported from browser and mailbox easily in user friendly formats such as pdf, doc, docx, html, and rtf. 

We introduce iSmartRecruit - a complete recruitment solution from our partner company which provides cutting edge features yet an affordable solution for small and mid market recruitment companies. Harshal Shah, Ceo Elsner Technologies

All information is automatically updated from the candidate’s resume using a ‘resume parser’ without any manual intervention. iSmartRecruit will store only unique candidate details.

iSmartRecruit will also act as a ‘work log and tracking’ software for recruitment business owners, who can track key actions performed by the recruitment consultants with time stamp, idle time monitoring, daily attendance, and check- in and check-out functionality.  The software solution will support English and Spanish languages . Other languages can also be integrated as per client specifications.

Sample email templates will be available for everyday recruitment tasks. Events can be scheduled for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tasks as per recruitment requirement. All key functionality of the application such as track job status as ‘open’, ‘closed’, ‘In progress’, ‘hold’, and ‘approved’ can be customized. 

Hiring through social media has now reached a new momentum in the recruitment tool box. More than 85 percent of Indian job seekers use social networking sites for finding and posting job requirements. With iSmartRecruit, recruiters will be able to connect with a large unexploited set of job seekers. It will leverage technology to increase scope for lead management which will improve relationships with clients and candidates.

iSmartRecruit is a prolific recruitment solution that will provide 360 degree recruitment solution for recruitment consultants and HR departments. 

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