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prooV Integrates with Amazon Web Services Service Catalog; Launches 'Deploy' Button to Enhance Enterprise Innovation

prooV Integrates with Amazon Web Services Service Catalog; Launches 'Deploy' Button to Enhance Enterprise Innovation

prooV is the first company to utilize the AWS Service Catalog API with the launch of its 'Deploy' button, creating a truly end-to-end proof-of-concept ecosystem

- prooV, the world's first Pilot-as-a-Service platform that connects enterprises with independent software vendors, announced an integration with Amazon Web Services, allowing enterprises to deploy prooV-tested solutions onto the AWS Service Catalog with the click of a button. The implementation of the 'Deploy' button helps enterprises seamlessly duplicate the proof-of-concept (PoC) testing environment from prlkooV onto their AWS Service Catalog accounts, which store and manage an enterprise's AWS-powered services. This will enable them to advance to the last steps in the corporate innovation cycle—testing solutions on their internal networks and integrating them completely.

prooV is the only Pilot-as-a-Service platform that creates an all-encompassing proof-of-concept ecosystem, reducing the amount of time spent on finding, testing, and implementing new software solutions from months to days. Enterprises looking for innovative solutions can open PoC opportunities on prooV's marketplace, and can then use prooV's remote, cloud-based testing environments to test and compare different solutions easily and securely, all while receiving predictive analytics and insights.

"With the launch of our new 'Deploy button', prooV is providing the missing link between the testing stage of corporate innovation and the complete implementation of solutions within their IT infrastructure," noted prooV co-founder and CTO Alexey Sapozhnikov. "With all of the careful configuration of a successful testing environment that occurs during the PoC stage, offering enterprises the ability to import the testing environment directly into the Service Catalog takes a solution from testing to operational in a manner of minutes. Now what used to be the time-consuming, inefficient, and overall painful process of finding and implementing software solutions is seamless and streamlined— as innovation should be."

With the new AWS integration, prooV customers can duplicate the approved solution and its prooV-generated testing environment onto the AWS Service Catalog account within just five minutes. The button recreates the approved solution, integrated with its configured testing environment, into a Service Catalog product. Once there, it becomes available for developers to test further, tweak to suit certain conditions, or immediately implement into the enterprise's system. For AWS users, prooV provides a complete corporate innovation ecosystem that cannot be matched by any existing solution on the market. prooV is the first company to utilize the recently published AWS Service Catalog API with the launch of its 'Deploy' button.

"Enterprises constantly expressed that one of the major pain points after completing a PoC was the transference of the product to their systems", continued Alexey Sapozhnikov. "Our technology allows enterprises to duplicate the solution in its testing environment onto the AWS Service Catalog instead of forcing them to start from scratch."

About prooV

prooV is the first Pilot-as-a-Service platform that brings together global enterprises and independent software vendors to discover, connect and execute Proof-of-Concepts (PoCs) through remote and secure testing environments. Founded by serial entrepreneurs who recognized the inefficiencies in the relationships between enterprises and vendors implementing new software solutions, prooV offers a radical new approach to testing, tracking, and analyzing vendor solutions, accelerating the journey from RFP to PoC. Founded in 2015, prooV has offices in San Francisco, New York and Tel Aviv, and is backed by Mangrove Capital Partners and OurCrowd.

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