Starr Announces Debut Album-Receive

Husband & Wife Duo, Chris & Linda Peiser, our thrilled to announce Starr's debut album entitled- Receive.

"Receive," is truly unique. We have, as individuals and a family, been through much in our lives. Our struggles, and our conquests over those struggles, are the inspiration for our music. Our goal in sharing it is to truly help and inspire others. Music is a powerful tool for healing, as it speaks directly to the heart.

Linda has been writing music since she was a kid. She writes about encouragement, hope & love. Her lyrics began to play out in real life when she married Chris. He hit all the rights notes to make her heart sing and for them, music wasn’t a hobby, it is a passion.

Starr's music sings directly to the heart. A positive voice in the crowd of a negative world.

Anthony Anderson, Grammy Award Winning Record Producer

The Duo was busy writing and performing when they put their love for music on hold to raise their three beautiful children. They began to realize their life is a song and their love is the music. All their songs tell a story. They want to share their passion for music with their children. They want to instill belief, hope, love, faith, and miracles through positive music in a world that could be so negative as times.  

Recording an album, Pursuing a dream, raising a family of three children, homeschooling, and doing it all as the world watches on YouTube. "Starr Journey to a Dream,"  captures the couple's trials and tribulations as they record their dream album and streams them to the world.   

Help Starr spread a message of love and hope through faith inspired positive Rock Music by contributing to our crowdfunding campaign and fund the production and release of this revolutionary album.

For more information, promo requests or to set up an interview, please contact Chris Peiser via e-mail at [email protected] or by calling 570-751-8013


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