Alpine Capital Management Hong Kong Identifies Semiconductor Growth Stocks

Alternative semiconductor stocks showing more promise than heavyweight Intel (INTC).

Semiconductor heavyweight Intel (INTC) released less than positive reports of its first quarter revenue expectations surprising investors who were perhaps led to believe that the firm was set for a period of growth after years of stagnation. The news resulted in a 5% stock price retraction as the firm closed for business on Thursday 12th March.

Alpine Capital Management’s Hong Kong based Chief Tech-analyst; Mr. Cai Hanchao presented investors with a sector outlook and provided some insights into the opportunity gap created by Intel’s negative prospects.

“As investors committed to tech-innovation the timing of this news comes as a surprise as all indicators were pointing towards a period of growth for Intel. In fact what we now see are revenue expectations from $12.5 billion to $13 billion, essentially inline with revenue reported during the same period on year ago.”

Touching on Intel’s forecasted projections, Mr. Hanchao continued. “What is more disappointing the revenue review is the strong possibility than instead of enjoying an overdue period of growth, it now looks like the firm’s growth profile will remain languid for some time.”

Renowned for its proficiency in tech-stock selection, Alpine Capital Management presented its investors with an alternative opportunity from within the semiconductor sector.

“If we take a look at the companies that support the semiconductor production firms, we can highlight the packaging and test service firm Amkor Technology Inc (AMKR). The firm supplies many of the world’s largest semiconductor companies with its services and is estimated to grow at 25% over the next 12 months. Compare that growth rate with that of Intel’s 9% and we can clearly see that Amkor presents an attractive proposition”, said Mr. Hanchao.

Eagerly anticipated are the results on earning that Amkor will release towards the end of April this year. Earnings per share (EPS) over the past 30 days have risen from a consensus EPS of $0.09 to $0.10 and general expectation is that April’s earning report will again provide favorable data to support Alpine Capital Management’s bullish approach on Amkor.  


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