Micron Forms Strategic Partnership With EDX Electronics

This partnership will expand the relationship between Micron and EDX Electronics to allow for growth and development of services such as the Last Time Buy program provided by EDX.

Micron is a global leader in semiconductors and data storage solutions and has selected EDX Electronics, Inc. as its newest distribution partner. EDX Electronics has previously sold Micron products through distribution programs that are no longer offered by the firm (EDX). The expectation behind this partnership is that it will open the opportunity for Micron to better accommodate their customers during an end of life (EOL) situation using EDX’s Last Time Buy program. Partnering will also provide EDX access to Micron’s range of “MVP” services as well as allowing them to buy direct as opposed to through an intermediary. Purchased products will have a direct transfer of warranty from Micron to EDX to the end customer of the Last Time Buy. Rekindling the relationship between these two organizations will prove to be beneficial for not only EDX, Micron and their customers but also for the quickly progressing semiconductor industry. 

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About Micron

With over 30,000 employees in 20+ countries, Micron has come a long way from where it started with the 64K DRAM in 1979.

About EDX Electronics, Inc.

EDX has been solving inventory issues for some of the largest companies in the world since 1991. We offer inventory and financial solutions for electronic inventory including end-of-life (Last Time Buy) product management and inventory recapitalization.


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