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Why Newswire?

National Coverage Capability

One Eight Oh PR Takes Their Clients to the National Stage with Newswire’s Press Release Distribution services

One Eight Oh PR is a public relations firm that is a bit different than the rest of the competition. In an era where most marketing and advertising agencies offer PR as a supplemental service, One Eight Oh stands out as a PR-focused firm.

One Eight Oh PR specializes in the creation of compelling content, as well as the distribution and optimization of said content across multiple mediums.

The company recently opened a new office in Denver, Colorado, to complement their original location in Sarasota, Florida.

“Having one location in Florida and one in Denver allows us to service our clients on both coasts and in between and develop personal relationships with them through inperson meetings.

You can’t truly tell a client’s story successfully unless you know the client well.”

Candice Brown-McElyea,

Founder and President, One Eight Oh PR

The challenge

Candice and the rest of the One Eight Oh PR team needed a way to get their clients’ stories onto the national stage. When it came to local coverage, the firm was able to use their local media contacts to their advantage. However, they needed to find a service that could get their clients coverage on a national level.

The Results

Newswire’s press release distribution services provided One Eight Oh PR with a solution.

When their clients want to get more national earned media exposure, or more digital hits nationally, the team turns to Newswire’s services to distribute the story and get the job done.

“I really like the reporting mechanism. It’s great when you can run a report that shows clients all of the different hits and where their release has been viewed in different parts of the country.”

Candice Brown-McElyea,

Founder and President, One Eight Oh PR

With these reporting tools, One Eight Oh's team is able to analyze key channels and campaign metrics. This information allows them to calculate the value of their client's campaign in real-time.

In the near future, Candice expects One Eight Oh PR to focus more on the development of strategic communication plans for its clients and consulting.

To get your story on the national stage, try Newswire’s press release distribution services today.