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While the concept of paid search marketing is very simple, the effectiveness it can have on an eCommerce website's long-term growth potential should not be underestimated. Some businesses lean heavily on their eCommerce PPC services to generate new streams of revenue with each passing season or trend. 

Pay-per-click advertising, or PPC, collectively refers to a group of many different ad types in which an eCommerce business effectively bids on, or "buys" specific keywords and then creates any of a variety of ad types to populate a viewer's screen according to a series of managed criteria. When a user clicks on the ad, the advertiser pays the price; hence, pay-per-click.

There are many different types of PPC ads and eCommerce PPC campaigns. The classic PPC ad campaign revolves around search ads; these are the ads that populate the top of the search results pages based on the search query. The advertiser bids on the keywords associated with the search, and if certain applicable criteria are met, the ads will then display at the tops of the search engine results pages. Considering the fact that the top three search result listings earn the vast majority of clicks, these are very valuable positions to occupy, especially for competitive keywords. 

Search ads are not the only format of PPC ads available to businesses in the modern eCommerce market. There are also display ads, shopping ads, and video ads as well. In addition, businesses like Amazon, and even some social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, host their own ad management systems as well. For businesses with strong social media followings, the best PPC strategies might involve Instagram or Facebook ads.

Because of the resources that should be allocated to an eCommerce PPC management strategy in order to maximize the return on investment while optimizing quality scores, many online businesses find it is in their best interest to partner with an eCommerce PPC service provider to perform the preliminary research, implement the ad campaign and make continuous, ongoing optimizations that will generate the greatest results.

1Digital Agency has been a leading provider of digital marketing services since its inception in 2012 and delivers highly optimized PPC management strategies to its customers. Their PPC management services involve research, planning, and implementation, as we as continuous optimizations to ad copy, landing pages, and to strategy, adjusting device, demographic, geographic, and even time-of-day- targeting in addition to remarketing and A/B testing, as necessary.

For eCommerce businesses looking for a cost-effective solution for generating revenue associated with more competitive keywords while investing in eCommerce SEO for long-term success, eCommerce PPC management services constitute some of the most lucrative opportunities. To learn more about their services or to enlist their assistance with a free eCommerce PPC audit, please visit their website, 1DigitalAgency.com, or reach out to them directly, at info@1digitalagency.com or at 888-982-8269.

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