2BrightSparks Launches SyncBackPro Version 9 - With Powerful Performance Boost & Delta Copy

2BrightSparks, a global leader in powerful and flexible backup software, has released version 9 of SyncBackPro for Windows. The new version introduces major performance enhancements with parallel file uploads and downloads to and from the cloud, and the long-anticipated support for Delta-copy. Both of which can have enormous time and cost savings for customers using cloud services for their backups.

Most businesses today understand the importance of copying their data to multiple locations, as this gives them an unprecedented degree of protection against ransomware, hardware damage, file corruption, virus infection and accidental destruction.

SyncBackPro backup software allows individuals, households and businesses of any size to back up all their data to any of the seventeen cloud platforms supported by the software.

And with storage costs at an all-time historical low, making sure that off-site backups of all data are kept fully up to date is now an affordable option for everyone. All of which takes place completely automatically. Backup to multiple locations for additional safety and security is also fully supported.

Version 9 also introduces a fully-updated and modernized interface that runs throughout all aspects of the software. Graphics and icons have been modernized to aid quicker usability and understanding, and the default font size has been increased, allowing for a smoother interface across different monitors and DPI changes.

Two new FTP/FTPS and a new SFTP engine have been added, along with an improvement in FTP compatibility. There are also new options for better scheduling, better file comparison display, greater security and more.

In total, more than seventy new features and improvements provide the software's users with a more efficient, easier to use and more powerful means of protecting their data.

Version 9 of SyncBack makes sure that all important data is fully protected and correctly backed up, no matter how simple or complex the selection criteria. Data loss should now finally be consigned to being a problem of the past.

With a quarter of a million customers from 170 countries using the software, SyncBack has been saving individuals and businesses from losing their files for more than 15 years.

Further information and a free fully functional 30 day trial version are available from the 2BrightSparks website at https://www.2brightsparks.com

About 2BrightSparks Pte. Ltd.: 2BrightSparks was incorporated in 2004 and has established a reputation in developing high quality, easy to use utility software. Hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers sleep well at night, knowing that their files and data are safe.

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