4 Ways Digital Photos Further Genealogy Work

Larsen Digital details how converting film to digital furthers genealogy work.

Digital Photos Further Genealogy Work

Genealogy is a big trend in today’s society with more people interested in finding their past, which is why Larsen Digital has put together a list of 4 ways digital photos can enhance genealogy work.  Physical photographs and other film types can still aid in family history work, but when those photos, negatives, slides and other formats are converted to digital, it takes the task one step further.

1-      Zoom it in.  Having digital images gives individuals the freedom to zoom in on their photos, allowing clues to be revealed in an easier fashion.  While magnifying glasses can accomplish a similar task, computers are equipped with many editing tools that can often make a zoomed image clearer and more discernible.  Street names, name tags, addresses and other subjects aid in creating a time line or finding a person from the past.

2-      Easy distributing.  Digital photos make it easy to send pictures to family members far and wide.  Relatives might have more insight or knowledge on a person or setting found in a digital photo, and being able to send these photos can further detail one’s genealogy work.

3-      Digital photos complete the story.  It’s one thing to make note of an ancestor’s appearance, belongings, home town, or other identifying item, but when a digital photo is coupled with that description it brings the story to a whole new level.  Having digital photos take part in genealogy work completes the story of the past, and brings the stories and facts told back to life.

4-      Film Conversion gives ancestors immortality.  Memories can literally last forever when old format film is digitized and stored properly.  Photos, negatives, slides and other films can fade, degrade and be destroyed, but digital files stored properly and securely will never experience damage or degradation, allowing them to be shared and talked about for lifetimes to come.

Genealogy work is a very fulfilling hobby, and when the work utilizes the gift of film conversion, it can further one’s work as well as enhance the journey into the past.  At Larsen Digital, preserving legacies is the main focus in bringing families together through remembering past events.  Larsen Digital converts all film format types to digital including photographs, scrapbook pages, negatives, slides, movie film, video tapes, audio tapes and more.  

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