4Com Deploys Advanced Backup and Data Recovery Solution

Innovative technology company uses Bacula Enterprise Edition combined with Puppet software; significantly reduces backup and recovery installation time while reducing data centers' exposure to costs

4Com, the market leader of cloud-based in & outbound solutions for customer service in Germany, have deployed Bacula Enterprise Edition 8.8 as its data backup and recovery solution, in the face of rapidly increasing data volume levels and efficiency requirements. Scalability and future growth of data volume within its data centers was expressed by 4Com as a factor in the decision, as well as the requirement to be able to manage a wide variety of technology platforms.

“4Com’s advanced technology creates high value, critical data. Our finance department needed to know not only what today’s data backup costs would be, but future costs too. So the main decision to go with Bacula was simply because, in addition to its huge range of features, it imposed no architectural or financial limitation on how much data we could back up. And because we can ́t predict, how much our data volume will grow in the future, it really made sense to leverage Bacula and simply eradicate any concerns about future data volume levels”, said Marc Alexander Hinz, Team Leader of IT at 4Com.

As physical, virtual and cloud combined backup strategies become more commonplace, the opportunity to have a single backup and recovery platform that can do it all is proving especially attractive to large enterprises, research laboratories, large hosting centers, and universities around the world, who need to find modern solutions that both limit costs and increase the predictability of costs.

Frank Barker, CEO, Bacula Systems

Bacula Systems customers include NASA, Texas A&M University, Swisscom, Bank Austria and many more.

Bacula Enterprise Edition is a highly scalable backup and recovery software for data centers and MSPs. Directly answering the IT industry’s challenge of exploding data volume with a low-cost subscription model that does not charge by data volume, Bacula System’s latest software release with integrated cloud features makes it far easier to predict costs – especially when recovering data from the cloud. It builds further on an especially customizable and flexible backup and restore solution that is relevant to both modest and large-sized data centers.

Source: Bacula Systems


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