4ocean Extends Partnership With Pop to Clean Oceans for Current and Future Generations

4ocean Partners with Pop Yachts for Ocean Plastic Cleanup

4ocean, the Certified B Corp that's on a mission to end the ocean plastic crisis, is pleased to announce a renewed partnership with Pop, the innovative technology firm that built the world's largest For Sale by Owner (FSBO) full-service, online marketplace for boats, RVs, and homes. Through this partnership, 4ocean's professional, full-time captains and crews will remove 10,000 pounds of plastic from the ocean, and Pop will provide the funding needed to make it happen. 

Alex Schulze, founder of 4ocean, said, "We're stoked to partner with Pop because they share our passion for the ocean and support our mission to protect it from plastic pollution. By funding the removal of 10,000 pounds of trash from the ocean, Pop is demonstrating a serious commitment to the environment and the future of our one shared planet. We look forward to working together to advance our shared goals in the coming year.

Michael Adams, CEO of Pop, sees an enormous opportunity to leverage Pop's technology and global reach to benefit 4ocean. "Our buyers and sellers, who enjoy time on and around our oceans, are very concerned about maintaining the wonderful environment only found on the water, and we feel 4ocean can make the most noticeable impact on cleaner waterways," said Adams. "One of the benefits of the world's largest full-service, online boating marketplace is our ability to reach massive numbers of boaters, campers, explorers, and enthusiasts who share a belief in protecting nature's playground, especially the waterways they all enjoy."

4ocean is an ocean cleanup company based in Boca Raton, FL, that's dedicated to ending the ocean plastic crisis. As a Public Benefit Corporation and Certified B Corp, they harness the power of business to fund a global cleanup operation that recovers millions of pounds of plastic and other man-made debris from the world's oceans, rivers, and coastlines each year. 

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Pop - since its founding in 2009, Pop Sells, LLC has emerged as the world's largest online, full-service, for-sale-by-owner marketplace for recreational vehicles. Pop has perfected bringing buyers and sellers together with a comprehensive suite of services required for successful transactions. Services include identifying and securing sellers, producing comprehensive product listings, taking photos and videos, coordinating inspections, helping negotiate and close deals, producing and processing closing documents, arranging product delivery, and national digital marketing support. Unlike any competitor, Pop's full-service digital marketplace delivers fast, secure, and hassle-free results to buyers and sellers. Pop stands for "paid on performance," and it's the foundation of the brand and a consistent promise made to buyers and sellers. Pop's digital marketplace has already expanded to homes, and in the future, will include numerous large, durable products. The company employs a network of sales and service associates across North America, with its technology headquarters in Sarasota, FL.

Source: 4ocean, PBC


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