5000 Hours in Therapy Seeks to Bridge Gap in Access to Mental Health Services for Those Suffering From Anxiety and Depression

Kelvin Snaith, a UK-based psychotherapist, is the author of 5000 Hours in Therapy: The Ultimate Guide to Good Mental Health.

Anxiety and depression are on the rise in a world overshadowed by COVID-19. Yet access to mental health care on a global scale is lacking due to provider shortages, long wait times for appointments, cost barriers and stigma. That doesn’t sit right with author Kelvin Snaith, a UK-based psychotherapist, so he set out to put a helping resource into the hands of those suffering from emotional distress. And he did it one hour at a time. The result of his efforts is laid out in his new book, 5000 Hours in Therapy: The Ultimate Guide to Good Mental Health, now available on Amazon.

​Snaith is a cognitive behavioral therapist who developed an emotions management technique he calls Hands Up Therapy. His holistic approach is informed by his training, evidence-based techniques, thousands of hours working with struggling patients, as well as his success overcoming his own past mental health issues. Everything he has learned was compiled to his new book which is, in effect, a practical and easy-to-use guide to overcoming intense emotional difficulties.

The self-help book is organized by topic so that readers can readily access information related to the specific situations and feelings they are experiencing. It then provides step-by-step strategies for understanding the roots of the issue and how to resolve the associated negative emotions.

At no time has there been more of a need for mental health services and support yet, for much of the population, those are out of reach. This book was born of my interactions with hundreds of patients over many years who were dealing with a variety of mental health problems. The Hands Up Therapy used and outlined in the book helped them process their feelings and move forward,” Snaith explained.

He said his method is simple enough to be taught to children and appropriate for those dealing with things like addiction, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, loneliness, work-related stress and health-related anxiety.

“Until access to mental health services becomes more of a priority in our health care system, self-help resources like 5000 Hours in Therapy are vital. I can only reach so many patients in person but I hope to vastly extend that reach through this book, especially as the pandemic continues to wreak havoc physically, mentally and emotionally,” he added.

The associated Hands Up Therapy app is available as an additional teaching tool to guide users toward a healthier approach to achieving greater peace and well-being and is available for iOS and Android in the Apple Store or Google Play.

5000 Hours in Therapy: The Ultimate Guide to Good Mental Health is available in paperback ($12.41) or Kindle at Amazon. For more information, go to handsuptherapy.com.

Media Contact: Kelvin Snaith at HandsUpTherapy@hotmail.com or (+44) 020 3290 1502

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