Agbotic Establishes Regenerative Agriculture Initiative in Europe

Leading Farm, Food, and Retail Corporations Investing in Carbon Drawdown

Agbotic, the leader in regenerative SmartFarm technology, announced the establishment of Agbotic Limited in Dublin, Ireland, to conduct business across Europe.

Regenerative farming cleans the air, water, and soil and can reverse climate change by rebuilding soil organic matter and restoring degraded soil biodiversity - resulting in both carbon drawdown and improving the water cycle. It can also make better food. There are significant advantages to embedding organic, soil-based greenhouses on distributed SmartFarms for regenerative agriculture. Those benefits include food security and diversity; a cleaner environment; and a year-round supply of local, organic, fresh, and nutrient-packed food. The economics are also better than with hydroponic greenhouses.

John Gaus, co-founder and CEO of Agbotic, said, "The regenerative agriculture movement is accelerating with recent announcements from leaders such as Walmart and General Mills. Agbotic has created a winning techno-economic approach and proven its technology at scale. The movement is on the rise in Europe and North America, and we expect it will be around the world. We are very excited to launch this initiative with our highly experienced team in Ireland, especially Richard Kennedy, a proven chief executive and entrepreneur in the agri-tech sector."

Richard Kennedy, who joined the board of Agbotic Limited, said, "The world is clearly moving to carbon neutral and carbon negative farming. Consumers are demanding healthy nutritious food produced in authentic, transparent, sustainable supply chains. I believe Agbotic with their groundbreaking technology and future pipeline of technology will be a key enabler to delivering this and is aligned to my belief of One Health from Soil to Society - I am excited to join their board as part of this timely and really exciting initiative."

About Agbotic Inc.

Agbotic Inc. is a leading agtech enterprise headquartered in Sackets Harbor, NY. The Company deploys proprietary automation, machine learning, and AI to enable its SmartFarms to make high-quality organic products with an ecologically restorative and distributed model for soil-based farming.

About Agbotic Limited

Agbotic Limited is an affiliate of Agbotic Inc. that will include significant ownership by Irish partners. Agbotic Limited will build commercial greenhouses on regenerative farms in Europe as well as conduct new research for technology deployments into European opportunities.


Robert Smith, Chief Financial Officer, [email protected]

Source: Agbotic Inc.


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