Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC) Has a Patented Process That Innovates Large-scale Hydroelectric Generation and Could Stop Global Warming.

On March 19, 2013, his efforts and dedication was rewarded with the issuance of a United States Patent entitled "Hydroelectric Power System" #8,400,007 B2.

Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC) founded by Charles E. Campbell in 2009 with a simple innovative idea. Like most inventors and entrepreneurs who witness devastating extreme weather events, he wanted to address the root cause of lack of competitive alternatives to fossil fuel consumption for energy. The affects of Global Warming are real, whether one believes the science or not. The evidence of longer and more severe droughts, hurricanes and rising sea levels cannot be disputed or ignored. Higher levels of CO2 in Earth's Atmosphere are a direct result of increased use of fossil fuels for energy and this is a global problem.

As a trained professional human problem solver with an inventive mind, Charles Campbell decided to apply his talents to renewable energy and formed Allen Hydro Energy Corporation. Hydroelectricity is the oldest renewable energy source on the planet. However, its major barrier required the utilization of too much land and water resources and few people willing to approve a new dam in their community. "Not In My Back Yard" (NIMBY) is the rallying cry from environmentalist and citizens concerned about the environmental affect of large hydroelectric dams.

AHEC's Founder & CEO questioned conventional thinking, while most local engineers refused to even discuss his idea, citing laws of physics. He completed a Bioscience Certificate Program at Columbus State Community College, where he gained valuable insight into energy generation from his Bioscience Instructor, Dr. Larry Miller. Once he understood the physics of hydroelectricity generation, he was able to invent a process that ensured greater energy output for sale and distribution, than what's consumed during the process.

On March 19, 2013, his efforts and dedication was rewarded with the issuance of a United States Patent entitled "Hydroelectric Power System" #8,400,007 B2. His invention was simple! Build large-scale hydroelectric power plants inside 70 story buildings constructed downtown in major metropolitan cities in the US and Internationally to generate and sell clean renewable energy for a flat price. This innovation will enable large-scale hydroelectricity to become portable, scalable and cheaper than fossil fuels. It will also eliminates any discussions of limiting developing or industrial nation's energy generation. See this process explain at AHEC's Website.

Allen Hydro Energy Corporation is seeking Potential Qualified Investor in the United States and Internationally and created a YouTube AHEC Pitch Video for those interested in a significant Return On their lnvestment (ROI) or to learn more about our company.


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