Ancient Wisdom Symbology Encodes Why Humanity Suffers Repeated Calamities

Starting over 11 millennia ago, a long line of sages and prophets sent forth symbolically encoded science and wisdom about our existence that has long been purposely confounded and misrepresented by religious leaders and other spiritual charlatans.

The advanced symbology used by the ancient sages and prophets is seen throughout the works of ancient Egypt and the symbolism within the canons of all Three Faiths of Abraham. As documented throughout Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, by Seven Star Hand, it is also an advanced scientific and spiritual modeling system. This functionality was used to send redundant proof to our time that they were experts at things our scientists and seekers are still struggling to understand. One is how collective human ignorance and the resulting widespread misdeeds cause calamity to strike entire civilizations. This is one reason why all empires eventually suffer great disasters and upheavals that ultimately lead to their demise.

As we observe the pace of both natural and man-made disasters increasing dramatically in recent years, many are struggling to assign cause and meaning to this undeniable pattern of bad luck. Followers of all three Faiths of Abraham have been led to expect cataclysmic situations followed by various miraculous events that would save them, as all others suffered. Instead, many religious followers are experiencing more bad luck than others seem to be. A case in point is the recent spate of devastating storm systems sweeping through the USA's so-called "Bible Belt" and adjacent states. Sadly, those who have followed the lead of religious leaders have been completely misled about the nature of life in this universe and are now suffering the results of misdeeds and imposed ignorance.

Since the destruction of the previous cycle of advanced human civilization during the cataclysmic rapid ending of the last ice age, humanity has struggled greatly to understand the nature of life in this universe. That effort has been confounded, slowed, and sidetracked because of religion. Many of the symbolic assertions and wisdom from that far earlier period are still mostly misunderstood and misused because too many still can't discern the difference between symbolism, symbology, and literal assertions. The prime reason for that ignorance is religion and the activities of religious leaders. One of the primary features of these religions is to claim that symbolic assertions in the canons are actually miracles and supernatural evidence.

These religions have gone to great lengths asserting that "God," or gods, angels, demons and other supernatural entities are the source of human suffering, struggle, and calamity. All of these religious canons also focus on the importance of doing good and avoiding evil. Though this is the basic message at the core of the wisdom sent forth by the sages and prophets, the texts in religious canons are not original nor have they been reliably translated or interpreted. The ancients knew that religious leaders would confound wisdom, because of their ignorance and arrogance. For this reason, the symbolism of the original texts purposely encoded proof of the truth for those of their far future, by hiding it from deceptive and untrustworthy religious leaders and other spiritual charlatans. The final keys to unlocking long-hidden ancient wisdom and proof of certain historical realities would not be available until now, when the supporting science was available.

Some of the more important aspects of the wisdom sent forth by the prophets and sages clearly demonstrates that the ignorance imposed by religion directly causes collective bad luck, leading to large scale disasters. Unlike the assertions of religious leaders, ancient wisdom makes it abundantly clear that misdeeds cause bad luck, which then leads to future negative outcomes. As we look around our world, beset by repeated disasters, ignorance, and continuous human misdeeds, it becomes obvious that the ancients clearly knew things that most people have misunderstood and/or dismissed outright. In essence, the wisdom encoded by ancient symbology says that karma exists and is the cause of these repeated disasters. Furthermore, knowing that most would dismiss this information, they also sent scientific proof for the time when people could understand it and pay attention before it was too late for our civilization, as well.

Karma (kamma, ka-maat) is a concept that flows from a deeply ancient past. Like everything else associated with spiritual realities, it has been greatly embellished and confounded over the centuries. It was expressed in Egypt by the symbolism of Maat (truth and justice) weighing (judging) your heart (desires, inclinations) against a feather on a dual scale to ascertain the essence of your ka (spirit). Their word for spirit was ka, which meant one's accumulated moral essence, as determined by the reckoning between your positive and negative deeds and results. Thereby, the concept of ka- maat (a.k.a. karma) symbolically illustrates the "judging" of your desires (heart) and character (ka, spirit, moral essence), using truth and justice as the unequivocal guidelines to determine (judge, weigh) future rewards and/or consequences. Reconsider the phrase "truth or consequences" to see that it flows directly from ancient Egypt's symbolized philosophy associated with Maat.

You may read Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, by Seven Star Hand to understand the supporting evidence and rules for the symbology. The preface titled The Doctrine of Two Spirits can be read online at Google Books. Other links to read and download the e-book are also available at

Science and ancient wisdom have finally come together to unlock the mysteries of the ancient past and decisively prove the truth about all religions. You may now prove it to yourself at


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