ASEAN Tourism Unveils New Logo and Tagline

New Southeast Asia Logo

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is kicking off 2022 with a brand new look and perspective for travelers to the region. With a refreshed logo and a new tagline, "A Destination For Every Dream", ASEAN aims to capture the warmth, resilience, and sense of fun and adventure that is emblematic of the Southeast Asia region and peoples. 

Through this new branding, ASEAN will continue to market Southeast Asia as a single destination and raise awareness of the region's incredible diversity of offerings that travelers could rediscover once borders open up again worldwide. 

ASEAN Member States designed the new logo in collaboration with its USA-based marketing agency, ELMNTL. The focus for the new brand is to show travelers the many beautiful experiences they could enjoy in each of the ASEAN member states while highlighting the changes the region is making towards responsible tourism. 

The logo consists of ten" spokes," each representing an ASEAN member state, to form the sun in a harmonious balance. The contemporary take of the sun symbolizes vitality and renewal and conveys a "propelling" movement that speaks of the future-facing aspirations of Southeast Asia. 

The sun visual was not the only update, as the team wanted all aspects of the rebrand to reflect the vibrancy of Southeast Asia. For instance, the updated orange color is brighter and bolder to draw people in and instill a sense of energy that travelers feel when traveling in this region. In addition, the new font in the logo and tagline is more friendly and invokes a sense of welcome to travelers to enjoy Southeast Asia.

The new tagline of "A Destination For Every Dream" embodies the concept of diversity and possibilities in travel in this region. With a panoply of historical sights, cuisines, adventures, cultures, natural landscapes, and modern metropolis, everyone can be sure of having their travel dreams fulfilled with a visit to Southeast Asia. 

"The Southeast Asia region is beautifully diverse in so many ways, from culture and cuisine to natural landscapes and people, and we want to share all these with the wider world. As borders open up worldwide, hope and cautious optimism amongst travelers continue to grow. This new creative direction for ASEAN is thus timely as we emerge from the pandemic with a renewed purpose to market Southeast Asia to those looking for their next dream holiday," Oliver Chong, Executive Director, International Group HQ and Oceania of the Singapore Tourism Board and the Chair for the ASEAN Tourism Marketing Partnership Working Group. 

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Source: ELMNTL


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