Aseppak and St Croix ABF Sign Agreement That Will Usher in a New Era in Aseptic Beverage Innovation

Aseppak has continued to develop its capabilities to design, analyze, test and produce food and beverages for the new generation of consumers.

St Croix ABF in partnership with Aseppak

​​Some of the challenges the food and beverage industry faces are staples like safety, cost and scalability. In an era of such great access to information for both consumers and companies new challenges have been made evident. These challenges require new approaches, especially when you are pursuing innovation.

Aseppak is steadily evolving into one of the premier innovation boutique shops for the food and beverage world by solving three important industry dichotomies:

1- Creating products in a lab is one thing. Successfully launching a product to the public is another.

2- The market demands fast innovation. Investors need optimal and efficient innovation.

3- Consumers want new ingredients. Brands need to catch up while staying compliant.

In such a pursuit, Aseppak has joined forces with St. Croix ABF, a company dedicated to providing aseptic beverage co-packing services to brands who understand what it takes to innovate in today's market.

The collective of companies has implemented a streamlined process that will pave the road for brands looking to innovate new beverages by the highest food safety standards. Current capabilities include a high acid pilot plant and testing facility and opening for low acid aseptic processing and packaging by first quarter 2021.

In an era where innovation is a requirement to survive, professionals need to develop plans that minimize risk and increase the chances of meeting the desired objectives. For decades, professionals in the product innovation universe have seen tons of value destroyed for the purpose of creating new value.

This is normal in most industries, yet the tech revolution has had an important impact in innovation in general for a variety of reasons. One of them being its ability to innovate with the consumer, in real time through the use of methods and concepts like Minimum Viable Products, open innovation and soft-launches.

Leading food and beverage companies have the opportunity to implement these concepts as well. Part of the answer is mindset, part of the answer is access to technology.

The reason why Aseppak continues to develop resources that will allow companies to prove concepts and validate product hypothesis at different levels: formula optimization, scalability, functionality, safety, flavor and health amongst the most important ones.

Some of these resources include bench top validation, aseptic testing, proof of formula scalability, packaging format exploration and rapid consumer and retailer feedback. There is a true sweet spot to be found in terms of the optimization of innovation projects that allows for more products to be successfully launched in less time.

For more information please contact:

J.D. Rico

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Source: Aseppak


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