Aspiritech Enters a New Era With a Director of Training and a New Remote Training Academy

Jialin Yi, Ph.D., Joins Aspiritech as Its First Director of Training

Jialin Yi, Ph.D., Director of Training for Aspiritech

Jialin Yi, Ph.D., has joined Aspiritech as its first Director of Training. She will lead the expansion of Aspiritech's training program for individuals on the autism spectrum. Dr. Yi is a seasoned expert in adult professional education. She brings 17 years of hands-on experience and strong academic training to Aspiritech.

Aspiritech, a non-profit organization, provides outsourced end-to-end Quality Assurance testing solutions across industries and is one of the largest employers of autistic adults in North America. 

Aspiritech trains neurodivergent people of all ages to do Quality Assurance Testing and teaches the soft skills needed for successful employment. We hire many of our trainees and continue to provide training and professional development to help them advance in their careers. 

Aspiritech Launches New Remote Employment Academy Training Program

"With Jialin's leadership and support from the Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation, we are developing a new Aspiritech Remote Employment Academy (AREA) Training Program," announced Brenda Weitzberg, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Aspiritech. "AREA will help autistic young adults develop their employability, leadership, and technical skills with a goal to be hired to work remotely for Aspiritech or at other companies." 

"I'm excited to put my skills to work to increase employment, employability, and career advancement for people on the autism spectrum," said Jialin Yi, Ph.D., Director of Training

Training Open to Remote Learners

While Aspiritech has always run a strong employee training program, this will be the first time the training program will be multi-platform and open to remote learners. All training modules will be designed for autistic learners. "We will build upon Aspiritech's deep content knowledge and expertise in autism to develop courses that will be widely useful for autistic youth and adults seeking employment," Dr. Yi added. "We have the potential to make a huge difference for a lot of people."

"The pandemic lit a new path forward," said Moshe Weitzberg, Aspiritech co-Founder and CEO. "We successfully transitioned to work 100% remotely, and as we opened our offices again, we have found that we can accommodate a range of employment preferences. With the new AREA Training Program and no restrictions on geography, we will be able to provide jobs and careers for autistic people anywhere in the U.S."

Source: Aspiritech


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