Author T. Alan Horne Announces New Book That Invents a New Genre of Novel

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A new genre of novel has been invented by author T. Alan Horne with editorial guidance from bestselling author and editor David Farland, who also served as a guiding voice in the publishing industry as the lead judge of the Writers of the Future Contest. The name of the new genre is "Superpunk", and it aims to do in novel form what Marvel movies have done for cinema. This genre comes to bear in a brand-new novel, Advent 9, written by Horne.

"For the past 20 years I've been watching the superhero genre and been waiting for someone to make a breakthrough—advancing the superhero genre to new heights by dealing more maturely and seriously with its underlying themes," said Farland, before passing earlier this year, "Some people have managed to do it in the comics themselves, but I haven't seen anyone do it in novel form. I think [Mr. Horne] did it."

Farland went on to state that, though many other authors have written novels featuring superheroes and attempted to tell the same kinds of stories told in comic books and film, none have succeeded at producing the same experience until Advent 9 was written. As such, he insisted that this was an entirely new genre of novel, never before seen, and needed a designation.

This first Superpunk novel became publicly available today through a Kickstarter campaign. Horne has also released the first three chapters of the book for free in both text and audio format, with the audiobook read by long-time narrator Michael Kramer, who was excited to participate in the project. The Kickstarter will run for 30 days, during which time anyone may reserve a copy of Advent 9 in trade paperback, ebook, or digital audio formats at the following link:


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