Autism Future: Providing Opportunities for Young Adults With Autism to Work in the Film Industry

Zane Hubbard

For the past few decades, modern society has become recognized as the vessel for the age of new thought. Its progressive mindsets slowly break the walls of stigma and discrimination of the past. However, to confidently label it as "inclusive," steps still need to be taken.

Taking not a step but a leap for its cause, Autism Future is working to lower the whopping 90% estimate of unemployed and underemployed adults with autism in the country by equipping these individuals with the tools to build a career within the film industry successfully.

Headed by award-winning director and filmmaker Zane Hubbard, Autism Future is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization designed to support those with autism who have interests in film and production.

"We know that employment is more than a job — it's the opportunity to participate as a member of the community," said Zane Hubbard. "Our focus and mission are to provide services that are tailored to prepare people with autism in finding employment in the film industry."

The satisfaction and a sense of purpose bolstered by the phrase "you're hired" should not only be offered to a particular group or type of individuals. It should be available for everyone regardless of race, background or circumstance. This principle and the desire for an equitable industry that Autism Future can help provide remains driven in its cause.

"Whether you are coming straight out of high school or college, we want to provide people with autism the opportunity to learn about film and give them the experience to compete in today's job market," he said.

Autism Future provides career exploration, job placement, and coaching. This is initiated by an individual assessment and evaluation designed to expose the person's strengths, interests, and points for improvement.

The gathered results will help the team at Autism Future draft a guide to help develop specific employment goals in the industry. "Through this service, we set clear goals based on the individual's strength, interests, and skill," Zane Hubbard said.

"Whether they want to learn how to become a Director, Sound Design, or Stage Designer. We will provide training for film projects to give the individual the skill and confidence to perform the job," said Zane Hubbard.

After acquiring ample experience and familiarity with film development, Autism Future will connect its interns to various work opportunities within the industry. Avenues for launching a career are limitless under the organization's partnerships with local businesses and universities. 

With experts backing the individual's growth and offering boundless opportunities to build a career in the field, Autism Future is slowly leveling the landscape of modern society. As it decreases the percentage of unemployed and underemployed adults with autism, the organization leads the leap toward a brighter, more inclusive tomorrow.

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