Backblaze B2 Object Lock Enables Immutability for Veeam, Enhances Ransomware Protection

Safeguard helps businesses, nonprofits and government entities restore data after malicious attack or deletion

Backblaze, the cloud provider beloved by storage professionals, announced its rollout of immutability for Veeam® Software, the leader in virtual machine backup, to help ensure organizations hit by ransomware attacks can quickly access clean data backups.

The solution, which earned a Veeam Ready-Object with Immutability qualification, means a good, clean backup is just clicks away when reliable recovery is needed. It is the only public cloud storage alternative to Amazon S3 to earn Veeam's certifications for both compatibility and immutability. And it offers this at a fraction of the cost.

Ransomware happens. With the U.S. Department of Justice reporting an average of 4,000 attacks daily, it's rare to read the news without seeing companies, non-profit organizations, and local governments suffer debilitating business interruptions or paying exorbitant ransoms to restore systems, services, and more. The trend is only increasing according to industry and law-enforcement data, even as organizations have upped their prevention efforts.

"It's horrible when businesses and organizations trying to do good in the world must contend with serious malware threats every day," said Gleb Budman, co-founder and CEO, Backblaze. "We are determined to do what we can to help. As part of our promise to our customers to store their precious data at roughly one-fourth the cost of other leading cloud storage providers — pushing to enable object lock was the logical next step."

The Backblaze B2 Object Lock solution for off-site Veeam backups, combined with other smart security practices and tools, offers a clear path to ransomware recovery:

  • Veeam Backup & Replication™ users copying or tiering their data to Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage can simply check a box to make their backups immutable for a duration of their choosing.
  • Locked backups offloaded to Backblaze B2 are held protected — secured from modification, manipulation or deletion during the immutability time period — while readily available to organizations' system administrators.
  • In a ransomware attack, administrators can quickly restore uninfected data from their immutable backups, deploy them, and return to business as usual without painful interruption or expense.

"This new Backblaze solution with Veeam immutability reflects continued collaboration with our Technology Alliance Partners to help customers protect critical data in the face of evolving threats," said Andreas Neufert, VP of Product Management, Alliances at Veeam. "Preventing a ransomware attack has become increasingly difficult, so we're focused on ensuring users can quickly and easily recover — that's peace of mind that we're delivering together."

Backblaze B2 customer Alex Acosta, Senior Security Engineer at Gladstone Institutes—an independent life science research organization now focused on fighting COVID-19—shared: "Immutability reduces the chance of data loss, so our researchers can focus on what they do best: transformative scientific research."

More information is available on the Backblaze website. Organizations seeking to further protect their Veeam data can get started here.

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