Backup Software Brand Presents Protection For Data Breaches From Verizon Report

Novosoft LLC, the acclaimed backup software developer, presented a data backup protection strategy covering the issues highlighted in the recent Verizon report on data breaches.

Novosoft, the developer of award-winning backup software and enterprise resource planning systems, presented an official strategy for resolving data breach issues from the latest Verizon report which regard data backup. The strategy is based upon applying the best practices for different versions of Handy Backup, the backup software, depending of a company size and IT infrastructure. The backup software strategy whitepaper is available by request.

"The annual report Verizon on global data breaches is a must-read for any company having more than zero computers. The importance of the research is justified at least by the fact that the United states secret service has actively assisted the study. The report presents quite a bunch of thought-provoking facts regarding corporate IT vulnerabilities. Say, in 2011, you could see a new wave of protest and lulz attacks. But one of the key findings specifically addressing the matter of data backup is the following: the risks of losing data for smaller companies and individuals are still growing. That is why we felt like having to establish Handy Backup, the backup software, official strategy for standing against those jeopardies," said Aleks Doe, the head of Handy Backup Analytics Department.

The report by Verizon is a study conducted by the Verizon RISK Team with cooperation from the Australian Federal Police, Dutch National High Tech Crime Unit, Irish Reporting and Information Security Service, Police Central e-Crime Unit, and United States Secret Service.

The strategy of using Handy Backup, the backup software, to prevent data loss caused by common breaches from the Verizon report is designed for both small and larger organizations. The strategy highlights the opportunities based on timely backing up data due to a proper schedule in an optimal storage, utilizing the right data restore frameworks, and handy administering the routine. The backup software ( ) guideline is oriented towards both small and larger companies.

The selected guidelines for small companies are:
- Using local encryption for data (by third-party tools or Handy Backup; making sure the encryption key is backed up as well in the first case);
- Utilizing secure data transfer protocols supported by Handy Backup (SFTP or FTPS backup).

Some of the essential recommendations for larger companies are:
- Prioritizing data, eliminating unnecessary data, and making more copies as the importance of files grows;
- Applying automatic search backup ( ) features to regualrly monitor the backed up data consistency;
- Using centralized network backup software options for minimal dependency of backup on workstation end-users and maximal clarity.

The full version of the backup software guideline for corporate data protection is available by request to [email protected].

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