Bacula Systems Announces Further Cloud Enhancements to Its Modern Architecture Backup and Recovery Solution

Glacier's new cloud-based interface for Bacula Enterprise's extensive backup and recovery system provides unique flexibility and further cost savings for its customers

Confirming its leadership in enterprise-class high-performance backup and recovery, Bacula has announced the release of its updated Amazon Glacier.

The new module makes Bacula's backup and recovery capabilities much faster and more convenient, enhances backup and recovery capabilities in the clouds and other storage locations, and provides quick and easy data recovery management. It is useful not only for users who want to backup data in the Glacier cloud, but also further enhances Bacula's unique flexibility for backing up data to various clouds and other storage locations.

In a world where data is constantly growing, the ability to quickly recover is critical, especially for businesses and IT areas where data loss means revenue loss. The new interface provides advanced, more flexible options for database backup and restore, and also helps optimize the costs of its customers.

This add-on complements the existing integration of Bacula Enterprise with Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud and Amazon S3. "Bacula's backup solutions are particularly well developed for a world where IT encirclement are becoming more difficult with local, external, private and public Clouds; all in conjunction with the problem of data increase. Bacula Systems presents its customers with a leading, nimble, modular backup and recovery solution for the modern epoch of computing," said Frank Barker, CEO, Bacula Systems.

"Data backup solutions play an important role, especially now, when every minute when a business is unavailable, it can be calculated as a loss of income. Bacula is oriented on take a leading position in the industry with its progressive cloud-based backup solutions. We enable our customers to recover data faster and therefore be more competitive in their industries," said Aristide Caraccio, vice president of sales and marketing at Bacula Systems.

Source: Bacula Systems


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