Bacula Systems Announces World's First Integration of Kubernetes Cluster Protection Into an Enterprise-Grade Backup and Recovery Solution

Delivers Kubernetes backup; natively integrated into Bacula Enterprise to cover Physical, Virtual, Container and Cloud environments all in a single Enterprise Backup & Restore Platform

Accelerating its leadership in high-performance backup and recovery for enterprises and managed services providers, Bacula Systems today announced its backup module for Kubernetes clusters. This announcement makes Bacula Enterprise the first Enterprise backup and recovery software to offer a fully automated and integrated backup of Kubernetes, and follows on from Bacula’s announcement earlier this year of full backup and recovery for Docker containers and external volumes.

“From Containers to Orchestration with Docker and Kubernetes, DevOps and IT departments urgently need enterprise-grade backup and restore solutions for containerized environments. To enable the robust deployment of containerized applications, Bacula Systems now adds the missing piece – a fully operational, integrated backup solution. Bacula is the first to market with its fully automated solution for Kubernetes and it brings a variety of exciting opportunities to tighten the relationship between software development and operational IT. This equates to faster deployment, lowered production risks, saved time, saved money, and more power to organizations already exploiting containers in their business,” said Frank Barker, CEO, Bacula Systems.

As with the previously announced Docker module, Bacula’s Kubernetes module will also be made available free with its Bacula Enterprise Edition Bronze level subscriptions and above.

“Bacula is committed to leading the industry in helping IT and DevOps departments using container technology based on Docker, Kubernetes, SUSE CaaS or OpenShift. As part of our leadership in the breadth and depth of virtual and container environments we support, expect to see further ongoing announcements coming soon,” said Aristide Caraccio, VP of Sales and Marketing for Bacula Systems.

Some of the benefits of Bacula’s integrated Kubernetes module include:

•   Free of charge with Bronze Level Subscriptions and above

•   Safeguarding states of Kubernetes clusters

•   Enabling fast and efficient redeployment of a cluster's resources

•   Saving amended configurations for complete security, and restoring to exact same state.

•   Saving configurations for use with other operations

Bacula Systems customers include NASA, Texas A&M University, Swisscom, Sky and many more.​

Source: Bacula Systems


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