Baxter & Brunello, Venture Architects, Opens Its Doors to US Market

Baxter & Brunello operates as a team of venture architects, building the operational infrastructure needed for firms to scale to the 'next category up' in a fraction of the time and cost

Baxter & Brunello: Venture Architects

A collection of small consulting firms and venture-industry leaders have come together as Baxter & Brunello, a "super-team" based around the globe focusing on scaling high-growth ventures working closely alongside their management teams. 

With decades of combined experience, this group of ex-founders and investors turned I/O-psychology-driven venture architects are well-versed in the principles and execution of operationally efficient infrastructure, delivering said value under the tag phrase "Venture Architects." Baxter & Brunello (or B&B for short) focuses on optimizing early- to mid-stage technology ventures and SMBs that are experiencing or anticipating rapid momentum, a service that can be best described as Growth Hacking-as-a-Service.

Baxter & Brunello guides management teams through their shift in foundational perspective by training them to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function at above-par levels, thus helping them push past their competition and (continue to) gain rapid but sustainable traction in more ways than one. 

Ashish Sharma, a spokesperson for the company, stated that the firm's ethos "is to preserve the core values and core purpose of an organization while bringing positive change to the cultural and operating practices through innovative goals and strategies." 

Explaining what the service looks like for a client, Sharma said each client of the firm goes through an extensive discovery and due diligence process via TABS Suite, a leading tool in the venture diligence space and a portfolio client of B&B, before a comprehensive engagement plan is laid out and executed on. 

Because of the intensity of the work performed, the firm is accepting only a handful of new engagements for its high-in-demand consulting services. A venture capital firm, funded strictly through B&B's revenue streams, is in the works for a 2023 debut, focusing on next-gen tech companies at a seed stage.

Baxter & Brunello plans to keep its U.S. operations in New York and Boston, and soon will branch out to establish offices in Southern California and Southern Florida. 

Source: Baxter & Brunello


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