Briq Launches AI-Based Enterprise Search for the Construction Industry

Briq unlocks the value of construction's petabytes of unstructured data

Briq Brings AI-based Search to Construction Analytics

Briq, the first company to pioneer automation and artificial intelligence (AI) in the construction data industry, has launched a new AI-based search feature to make unstructured data instantly searchable across applications and devices.

Briq’s searching feature is built like Google’s search engine and will allow general contractors and subcontractors to access files, images or any genre of valuable unstructured data to power insights for real-time analysis and decisions.

The feature not only allows searches for text but also has the capability to match photos with documentation. For example, if a contractor needs to locate the cutsheet for an electrical product, he or she can take a photo of it in the field, while Briq’s technology then matches that image with any documentation corresponding to the product in the photo.

Bassem Hamdy, CEO and Co-Founder of the Santa Barbara-based technology company, sees this as an instant way to improve decision-making on the jobsite. "Too often contractors are forced to make decisions without having the proper information in front of them. Briq’s searching feature gives general contractors instant access to every piece of data in their company — whether it’s in a PDF or a photo. We have removed a massive barrier that inhibits contractors from accessing their most valuable information.”

Drawing from his time at Google, Briq VP of Engineering Dr. John Kolen sees this search feature as a major first step for greater data access in the construction industry. “One of the questions we hear most is ‘how do I access the information I need to make real-time, data-driven decisions?’ This technology finally gives contractors that tool and opens entire new capabilities with insights, analysis and AI-based prediction.”

Briq is the fastest-growing, cloud-based analytics platform in the construction industry. Their technology allows general and subcontractors to make better data-driven decisions before, during and after construction.

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