's BUY Utility Token is a Game Changer

The BUY token is a consumer friendly token that changes the landscape for retailers logo

The Baby Boomer generation grew up during an era of coupon cutting. The millennials have not seen coupons because they used to be distributed with your newspapers that this generation does not subscribe to.  After the coupon cutting generation, products like Groupon filled the void. Temporarily.  Enter the mobile-using crypto-friendly millennials and even a Groupon-type web product seems "old school."  

How does one reach this generation of coupon cutters?

Enter the BUY token. "This generation has grown up on cryptocurrency and wallets, and what better way to distribute coupons than offering them in the form of tokens," says Jean Gabriel, CEO of "We are finding new and innovative ways to deploy our BUY token. Payment, coupons, discounts, offers, rewards, and on and on goes the list of how the BUY token can impact retail," added Jean Gabriel, CEO of has made forays into retail in the food services sector and is poised to disrupt other segments of retail. "Covid-19 has changed how consumers shop and receive their product. has been at the forefront of this sea change in terms of the services we offer, but also how we have made it convenient to consumers and how the BUY token plays such a utilitarian role in this ecosystem," stated Jean Gabriel, CEO of

" is well-positioned to be a leader in the retail space and as a startup, it is very successful.  It is profitable and many startups would be envious of its position. This is no accident, and due to excellent execution on its strategy. The fact that is not only a retail/logistics play but also a blockchain related startup with solid infrastructure and execution shouldn't go unnoticed," stated Raghu Bala, CEO of NetObjex, a technology partner.

About provides an on-demand delivery system for restaurants to streamline their delivery processes. The all-in-one order management system handles both internal and external orders, allowing restaurants to easily schedule drivers and track orders while reducing delivery costs. The on-demand delivery system eliminates any costs associated with external delivery apps while expanding the business' customer base.

About NetObjex

NetObjex, based in Irvine, California, provides enterprise software and business solutions for real-time tracking, tracing and monitoring of digital assets. The industrial grade NetObjex Matrix digital twin asset management platform unifies IoT, AI and blockchain technologies as a continuum for intelligent automation and data marketplaces. NetObjex clients and partners benefit from global coverage across key verticals like e-Commerce, energy, manufacturing, transport, healthcare, communications, retail & government.

Media Contact: Raghu Bala, CEO of NetObjex



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