Calimex USA Announces Successful Implementation Support in BioBridge Global

Calimex USA, a leader in regulated software development and systems integrator, is pleased to announce our company’s success in:

1.    QualTex Laboratories - Software development, hosting and supporting the successful implementation of Acquire 3 Customer Portal for QualTex Laboratories.  Acquire 3 went live on Jan. 8, 2018.

2.    South Texas Blood & Tissue Center - Software interface development and support in the successful implementation of MacoMix HM020 Blood Mixers from Macopharma USA, for South Texas Blood and Tissue Center. The interface and the mixers went live on Nov. 27, 2017.

Both QualTex and the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center are subsidiaries of BioBridge Global, a nonprofit organization based in San Antonio, Texas.

Acquire 3 Customer Portal:

Acquire 3 provides QualTex Laboratories customers with an interface where they can submit orders for testing, as well as set up email and text message notifications on the success of their submissions.  The application is fully developed, hosted and maintained by Calimex USA. 

MacoMix HM-020 Mixer Implementation:

MacoMix-HM020 are whole blood mixers that calculate the precise volume based on donor’s height and weight, actively monitor the donation process and alert phlebotomists when procedure is complete.  Calimex USA developed the interface that transfers data to and from the mixers, thereby providing a paperless donation process. 

Calimex USA provides FDA related Regulatory and Compliance support services to a number of local and global corporations.   Calimex is also the information technology arm of Macopharma in the United States providing software interface, integration and consulting solutions.    

About Calimex USA

Calimex USA Corporation is an American information technology company specializing in the regulated healthcare environment.  It is a leading provider of specialized healthcare solutions with over three decades of experience in developing and delivering innovative solutions designed to ensure the highest level of safety, security, efficacy, effectiveness and efficiency.  Calimex takes complex clinical - and often painfully inefficient processes and automates them for positive return on investments (ROI).  Calimex is a medical devices manufacturer and owns several FDA 510 (k) approved software medical devices.

About BioBridge Global

BioBridge Global (BBG) is a nonprofit company that oversees and supports the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center, QualTex Laboratories, GenCure, and The Blood and Tissue Center Foundation. For more than 40  years, our team of dedicated professionals has made life-saving connections. Our diverse services bridge critical medical industry needs with innovative solutions.

South Texas Blood & Tissue Center collects donations and supplies blood and blood components to patients in more than 40 counties in South Texas.

QualTex Laboratories is one of the the largest, independent, nonprofit testing laboratories in the United States, offering testing services for global customers.



About Macopharma USA

Macopharma USA is the American subsidiary of Macopharma headquartered in France.  Macopharma is a leading global player in transfusion and biotherapy systems.  Macopharma works to design innovative solutions and quality products that are effective in meeting the needs of both patients and healthcare providers.  Every day across the world, Macopharma employees are dedicated to making therapeutic practices easier, better and safer.  That is what Macopharma mean by their slogan “Designed for life.”  Macopharma has over 2,300 employees in 4 production facilities, 16 commercial subsidiaries, 2 branch offices, with 50 distributors covering over 100 countries.  Its values cover Professionalism, Performance, Motivation and Solidarity.


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Calimex USA Corporation

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