CapeSym Announces New ScintiClear (TM) Gamma Sensor

CapeSym introduces new SrI2-based scintillator for unambiguous detection of hazardous nuclear materials. Sizes up to 2"-diameter are available now.

CapeSym, Inc today announced the introduction of their ScintiClear(TM) nuclear ID crystals. ScintiClear addresses the need for lower-cost, rugged sensors that deliver more capability to identify hazardous nuclear materials than has previously been available at this price. It is based on strontium iodide technology originally developed by Government laboratories. CapeSym has productized this crystal using co-doping and other industrial processes that drive cost down, and performance up. Barriers to consistent performance that were problematical in laboratory testing have been identified and eliminated. Energy resolution of ≤ 3.3% is warrantied, even in 2-inch diameters. High sensitivity is provided in a compact package, ready for integration. ScintiClear makes large, actinide free, low-cost high-resolution sensors a reality.

Pre-packaged ScintiClear crystals and Detector Cores are available now. The experienced CapeSym team provides knowledgeable support for the task of integrating this enabling technology with your instrument to ensure a successful development. Visit them online, or at the upcoming SORMA XVII conference, where they will have a booth from June 11-13.


Tags: energy resolution, gamma, nuclear detection, radionuclide, scinticlear, SrI2, stopping power

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