CashBet Sportsbook Releases Full Slate of Games as They Become Available

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CashBet sportsbook, an online betting site, announced that it offers to bet on all major sports. NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and more will be offered at the site. Additionally, it has an online casino and MMA bouts as well. 

During the pandemic, many of the major sports leagues have suspended play. As the leagues return from their hiatus, their games will be available for betting at CashBet. During this time, CashBet sportsbook has offered betting on MMA fighting, boxing, eSports, Turkish basketball, and other sports that are played around the world. 

The CashBet site has been specifically designed so that players can make a bet from wherever they are, provided that they have an internet connection. As the site takes bets on sports all around the world (and not just in North America), the site is always open and available, 24/7/365. 

“This may not be the best time for betting on sports, but we’re proud to always be able to offer our players the best sports betting platform imaginable. As the NBA comes back, as well as baseball, hockey, and football, you’ll be able to bet on all of those games right at our site. Until then, we’ve got MMA, we’ve got our online casino, horse racing, and so much more. We know that the discerning online bettor has options to choose from, which is just one of the reasons that we offer a 100 percent cash bonus,” said Andrew Stevens, Marketing Director at CashBet.

While the site is called “CashBet,” bettors are allowed to make bets in forms of currency other than cash. For example, Bitcoin cryptocurrency is one form of currency allowed at the site. 

For more information about online betting, using Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, or to make a press inquiry, contact CashBet Sportsbook or visit

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