CashRun And 99Bill To Reinforce Mutual Partnership With Referral Agreement

CashRun and 99Bill Corporation have accomplished today a valuable credit card referral agreement as part of their long-established partnership.

E-merchants around the globe have a new reason to accept card payments on their web shops. CashRun, a leading provider of e-commerce fraud management and global payment solutions, and 99Bill Corporation, one of China´s largest payment service providers, have accomplished today a valuable credit card referral agreement as part of their long-established partnership.

The recently-signed referral agreement will enable CashRun e-merchants to benefit from 99Bill's outstanding credit card facilities. The combination of 99Bill prominent position in the market and CashRun´s commitment in supporting e-merchants with global payment solutions will significantly increase the number of secured online card transactions, mostly in China where 99Bill holds an unsurpassed network of alliances with the country´s major card issuers.

Furthermore, the agreement provides an excellent platform to offer CashRun's leading fraud management services, and strengthens the existing CashRun-99Bill partnership. "Securing a mutually beneficial credit card referral agreement is a natural development from what has been a successful working partnership" stated Justin Lie, Managing Director of CashRun Group. He further highlighted the relevance of sourcing for optimal payment methods in Asia as a way of creating value to CashRun's existing merchant portfolios.

About CashRun -
CashRun was established in 2007 with the objective of supporting businesses' needs for effective and affordable online payment solutions. Since establishment, CashRun has had tremendous success with key industries that are sensitive towards fraud, and continues to be at the forefront for solutions centering around online e-commerce. With strong global presence and partnerships, CashRun supports businesses to develop firmly their core competencies, protect as well as maximize their revenues and growth, and minimize the risks credit card fraud presents to their operations.

About 99Bill Corporation -
99Bill Corporation is China's leading payment service provider, offering a wide array of secure and convenient electronic payment solutions to all kinds of enterprises and individuals. Thanks to its established partnerships with all major banks in China and its extensive network of partners, 99Bill Corporation offers highly secured and strict risk-managed payment products and services. By the end of April 2011, 99Bill has signed up to a total of 91 million registered users and about 980,000 merchant partners.


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