Claudia Bartra Partners With Dr. Richard Gaines and the Team at Life Gaines Medical & Aesthetics Center in Florida in Boca Raton

Claudia Bartra is a very accomplished businesswoman who is also CFO of La Granja Restaurants. She is passionate about anti-aging and helping people lead healthy lives and has joined the Life Gaines Medical & Aesthetics Center, because Wellness starts from Within.

Claudia Bartra partners with Life Gaines Medical & Aesthetics Center in Florida

Claudia Bartra is a very accomplished businesswoman in South Florida who manages several companies and has received awards for her leadership in the community. She is CFO of La Granja Restaurants. She is passionate about anti-aging and helping people lead healthy lives. She has joined the Life Gaines Medical & Aesthetics Center to help people fulfill their potential. Claudia desires people to have more energy and feel better every day. Claudia is a strong believer that "Wellness starts from the inside." With the options of modern medicine, many women shouldn't have to go through the suffering from an imbalance of hormones, as if it were fate. There are progesterone treatments available to women and testosterone treatments available to men to give them the boost of vitality. Claudia has partnered with Dr. Richard Gaines of Life Gaines Medical & Aesthetics Center so that women and men can feel more energy, be more productive, and have a much more fulfilling lives.

Claudia says "Anti-aging is inside too. It's how your body feels. The regulation of your hormones. Your attitude of life. I am passionate about the start of this new center that will help people achieve their personal health and happiness."

Claudia Bartra's background: Claudia Bartra is the chief financial officer of the Peruvian-themed La Granja Restaurants, which opened its first restaurant in 1993, and now has over 50 locations. Claudia Bartra has been named one of 12 Hispanic Women of Distinction in 2015. The latter award, in particular, honored Bartra for being a “strong advocate and supporter of children’s educational issues both in the United States and her homeland in Peru.” Claudia Bartra Bachelor’s Degree is in Hospitality Administration and Management​​​​​​. She and La Granja were also recognized for efforts to honor war veterans on Veteran’s Day, and their contributions to ASPIRA, a Latino and Puerto Rican youth organization, as well as helping to fund scholarships for students attending Palm Beach State College. Currently, Claudia has joined Dr. Richard Gaines in helping found a center that provides age management therapies which help people in South Florida to become happier and healthier.

Life Gaines Medical & Aesthetics Center in Florida​Dr. Richard Gaines and his team at Life Gaines Medical & Aesthetics Center in Boca Raton specialize in Age Management. They are now offering hormone replacement therapy, platelet-rich plasma, stem cell therapy, non-invasive facelifts, and advanced metabolic wellness protocols. ​​Anti-Aging procedures and scientifically-backed hormone replacement therapies performed under Dr. Richard Gaines help to reverse the effects that years of stress and physical activity can have on the body. The adverse effects of aging starts in the late 20s, so everyone needs help to maintain a higher quality of life.

Gaines' personally-tailored treatment plans are designed to help reverse the effects of aging and provide a better way of tackling these issues other than relying on cookie-cutter prescription medications that do nothing more than mask these issues.

As time goes on, the body’s ability to naturally maintain and heal itself becomes diminished due to various factors such as hormone decline, reduced tissue health, and also imbalanced physiology. As time passes and individuals move through the various stages of their lives, key hormone production sites begin to lose their function and cause the body to be deprived of these key chemicals. With these hormonal changes, aging patients are often left with a variety of diseases and undeserved obstacles keeping them from enjoying the best years of their life.

Life Gaines Medical and Aesthetics Center Can Help Patients Reverse the Effects of Aging

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Common for most aging patients are declines in hormones that increase irritability, contribute to lower energy levels, and also increase the symptoms and risk of developing depression and other common ailments that those over the age of 50 experience. Aging commonly results in multiple metabolic diseases - all of which require multiple prescription medications to mask and control. Both men and women often list a decreased sex drive after the change in hormone production occurs, which is normally treated with medications that do nothing to heal the source of the issue.

With an innovative and personalized approach to health, patients who see Dr. Gaines are presented with a treatment plan that can help alleviate their pains and enable them to live an active and healthy lifestyle without depending on prescription medication for the rest of their lives. Offering treatments that help combat the natural process of aging, declining skin health, as well as impaired joint health, patients can experience pain relief, a boost in self-confidence, and an overall sense of wellness after engaging in treatments with Dr. Gaines.

Dr. Richard Gaines understands the changes aging can bring that affect quality of life. His practice in Boca Raton, Florida offers anti-aging treatments for men and women.

Living with joint pain, decreased energy, and various metabolic diseases can often make it difficult to get through daily activities that were once done without a second thought. Being unable to care for oneself while becoming dependent on medication only serves to further the cycle of depression that patients express, they already feel during hormonal changes.

Coupled with the decreased ability to move around, aging can put both the mind and the body in a challenging spot. Dr. Gaines uses advanced stem cell therapy techniques that have been clinically proven to target problems in the joint that cause pain as well as for the skin when it loses its tightness and bright appearance. These treatments stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms to naturally improve all aspects of one's health and aesthetic.

The team also provides patients with non-invasive facial rejuvenation treatments from skin tightening to stem cell rejuvenation therapy. These one-of-a-kind therapies can help one's skin to look younger and more vibrant without the need for invasive surgery by utilizing the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Life Gaines Medical and Aesthetics Center offers treatments for those experiencing the worst parts of aging and who are looking for a way to take back control of their health. Joining them for a consultation about their anti-aging programs will help individuals know which treatments are best for them and how they can naturally combat the symptoms of aging by rethinking the approach taken to treat conditions caused by aging. Dr. Richard Gaines and his team recommend a variety of products and lifestyle habits to help patients ensure that their years are spent living fruitfully and exactly how they want.

Many patients try to find answers in topical, surface-level treatment plans to help reverse the signs and symptoms of changes that result from aging. For a more targeted and comprehensive approach, Dr. Gaines offers state of the art joint and tissue therapy as well as a revolutionary sexual health therapy for men with erectile dysfunction with acoustic pulse technology.

Therapies Offered at Life Gaines Medical & Aesthetics Center:

  • Growth Hormone | HGH Therapy
  • Testosterone for Men
  • Bioidentical Hormone Therapy for Women
  • ​Peptides
  • ​Stem Cell Therapy
  • ​Shockwave Therapy for ED
  • ​Body Contouring & Weight Loss
  • Non-Invasive Facelift

Visit Life Gaines Medical & Aesthetics Center at Address: 3785 N Federal Highway, Boca Raton, FL 33431

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Life Gaines Medical and Aesthetics Center prides themselves on an anti-aging approach that is individualized and integrative.

Overall wellness is impacted by more than just one type of treatment and cannot be simply masked with prescription medication. For best results, the office of Dr. Richard Gaines creates a unique program for each patient that helps them achieve optimal wellness tailored to their specific situation. To find out more about how a personalized anti-aging treatment process can improve the quality of life for those who are aging, visit their website. Life Gaines Medical & Aesthetics Center in Boca Raton is responsible for this press release.

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