Climate Cardinals Breaks New Ground as One of the First Youth-Led Organizations Funded by Announces Six-Figure Funding for Youth-Led Climate Cardinals, Signaling a Shift Among Climate Funders

Climate Cardinals, a youth-led nonprofit focused on breaking language barriers in the climate movement, is proud to announce that it has received significant anchor funding from This landmark initiative marks Climate Cardinals as one of the first youth-led organizations supported by Google’s philanthropic arm. The shift underlines the importance of empowering young voices in the global fight against climate challenges.

“Because young people stand to lose the most if we fail to combat climate change, youth-led organizations like Climate Cardinals have to be at the forefront of the fight for climate justice,” explains Sophia Kianni, founder of Climate Cardinals. 

“So far, that hasn’t translated into adequate funding,” Vice President Hikaru Wakeel Hayakawa adds. “We hope this recognition from signals a broader understanding of the vital role young activists play and encourages others to redirect more resources towards empowering the next generation of environmental leaders.”

In a world where youth-led climate organizations receive only 0.76% of climate funding, Climate Cardinals has succeeded against the odds. Founded in 2020, the organization educates and empowers a diverse coalition of young people to tackle the climate crisis by translating climate information into more than 100 languages. It has developed a global network of 14,000 student volunteers who dedicate their time to the cause amidst their busy schedules of lectures and exams.

Climate Cardinals is in the midst of broadening its vision, extending its activities beyond its foundational mission of translating climate information to grassroots climate education. The funding from will help to professionalize the organization and prepare it for future growth.

“We have already used the funding to onboard our first full-time employee,” says Sophia Suganuma, Special Projects Director. “It has also expanded our translation program in partnership with Translators Without Borders, increasing our capacity to an estimated million words per year.” 

The funding agreement marks the next chapter in Climate Cardinals’ ongoing partnership with Google. Since 2023, the nonprofit’s volunteers have been using Translation Hub, Google Cloud’s AI-powered self-serve translation platform, which has enabled the team to translate at a much faster pace.

For Google, supporting organizations like Climate Cardinals is part of a broader strategy of empowering organizations with the tools to drive positive action and accelerate innovation to combat climate change.

“Our aim is to ensure that we are diversifying, expanding, and ensuring the overall sustainability of climate solutions, and our funding for Climate Cardinals is a step in that direction,” Google Chief Sustainability Officer Kate Brandt adds.

This Earth Week, Climate Cardinals is gearing up for another year of action — excited to leverage the new funds to expand its roster of employees, keep growing its volunteer base, and sustain itself well into the future.

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Climate Cardinals is an international youth-led nonprofit working to make climate education more accessible to non-English-speakers and catalyze grassroots climate education. We aim to educate and empower a diverse coalition of people to tackle the climate crisis. We have over 16,000 volunteers who are translating and sourcing climate information into over 100 different languages with partners like the United Nations. This international movement has reached millions of people across 80+ countries. Through our signature translation program, in partnership with Translators without Borders, we have proven we can deliver, translating over 2 million words of climate information for partners like Yale, UNICEF, UN Environment Programme, and the Italian Government. Most recently, we partnered with Google to integrate their new AI tools into our workflow, tripling our translation capacity.

To date, we are the largest youth-led climate advocacy organization, and the only nonprofit to focus on translating climate information. Our work has been featured in The New York Times, CNN, TIME, on the front page of the Washington Post, selected as the winner of the TED Global Idea Competition, and chosen for the Forbes 30 under 30 Class of 2023.

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