Cloud Based DigiBackup Pro ServerSave

Cloud based DigiBackup Pro ServerSave - a new Low-cost service from Southwest Data Protection packages multiple high-speed backup and recovery systems under centralized management with military-grade security.

Southwest Data Protection Inc., Nevada's largest privately held off-site data protection facility announced the launch of a new low-cost total data protection system called DigiBackup Pro ServerSave. The new cloud-based DigiBackup Pro ServerSave packages multiple high-speed backup and recovery systems under centralized management with military-grade security. Other providers have one solution for Microsoft Exchange, another for Windows servers and local backup, e.g. Bare Metal, a third for files and folders, still another for databases and so on. DigiBackup Pro ServerSave ties all of these software packages together with Pulse - the IT management system for centralized control. By combining multiple services into a single, secure solution with centralized management, DigiBackup Pro ServerSave can drastically reduce software acquisition costs and administrative overhead.

The explosive growth of backup and recovery systems has been great for software providers, but their multiple piecemeal solutions have led to a looming administrative crisis for end users. We at Southwest Data Protection realized it was high time to move beyond standalone technical requirements to focus on overall administrative needs of our users. The resulting DigiBackup Pro ServerSave solution will be a game-changer in the Las Vegas, Phoenix markets and the rest of the country.

Key features of DigiBackup Pro ServerSave include:
• Centralized management, deployment and reporting.
• Engineered for speed, with consistently higher performance in real-world tests.
• Bare Metal backup and recovery, for files, operating systems, system state, apps and app data.
• Exchange backup and granular recovery, at database, mailbox and message levels.
• Windows Server backup and recovery, 2003, 2008, SBS 2003 and SBS 2008.
• SharePoint Server backup and recovery, 2008 and 2010.
• SQL database backup and recovery, 2005, 2008 and 2010
• Three-tiered military-grade security, first locally, in transit and "at rest" in maximum-security data centers around the world.
• DigiBackup Pro ForeverSave with automatic and infinite file archives, for the ultimate protection against accidental deletion or disaster.
• Mobile backup, access and share from anywhere with any device.


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