Cogo Labs Uses Fairwinds Insights to Align Kubernetes Development Across the Business

Insights enforces guardrails, enables developer to be more productive and optimizes resources to position Cogo Labs for scalable growth

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Fairwinds today shared that tech incubator Cogo Labs is using Fairwinds Insights, the company's governance and security platform, to power their hybrid-cloud platform for rapid enterprise value, Cogo Cloud. Fairwinds Insights enables Cogo Cloud to automate the highest standards in Kubernetes deployment for efficiency, security and scalability.

"We are creating billion-dollar companies by integrating hardened APIs between the best technologies on the planet," said Joe Presbrey, Chief Technology Officer at Cogo Labs. "Fairwinds is helping Cogo Labs as we continue to scale by enabling our startups to be more productive. The Fairwinds' Admission Controller is a powerful feature that lets us insist on the highest standards in Kubernetes deployments through automation. Providing hardened and scalable infrastructure enables our teams to stay laser focused on their core business and take big swings as we position our startups for long-term value creation."

Cogo Cloud is immune to misconfigurations from entering its clusters with the Fairwinds Insights Admission Controller, which also identifies and quickly remediates zero-day vulnerabilities. Cogo Cloud customers also benefit from Fairwinds Insights application rightsizing features, offering recommendations so developers can trivially optimize operational expenditure.

"Cogo Labs is leading the next generation of data-driven Boston-based unicorns to take flight, and, as a fellow Boston-based organization, we're excited to help them do that," said Bill Ledingham, CEO of Fairwinds. "Since Cogo Labs' tech incubation strategy leverages cloud-native technologies, it's no surprise that they are thrilled with the Fairwinds Insights' Admission Controller. We are excited to be a part of the next wave of developer-led achievements in the local area."

Fairwinds Insights simplifies Kubernetes chaos for DevOps by continuously scanning clusters to ensure applications are shipped quickly and configured for scale, reliability, resource efficiency and security. The Insights platform offers cost optimization advice, security alerting, configuration guardrails and compliance findings. DevOps teams can identify misconfigurations and provide remediation advice to developers, free from manually identifying problems. Software engineers are free to develop the way the platform intended, with safety nets in place.

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