Compliance Testing Announces Accreditation to Perform ISSI/CSSI Testing

Recognized by DHS S&T and ANAB as a P25CAP ISSI Interoperability Test Lab

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Compliance Testing, LLCĀ has successfully completed the ANAB and DHS S&T assessment process to add P25CAP Inter-RF Sub-System Interface (ISSI) and Console Sub-System Interface (ISSI) equipment testing to its ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Scope of Accreditation.

Compliance Testing offers "scalable" coordination of ISSI/CSSI interoperability testing test events to meet individual client needs. They can just show up and conduct the testing, or provide complete outsourcing of test events, or anywhere in between.

DHS - Science and Technology Directorate will post ISSI/CSSI equipment that has completed P25 CAP Interoperability testing on its web site.

On-site testing is included with Compliance Testing's accreditation. ANAB has approved the use of video connections to observe and confirm the equipment responses at the supporting location. Without this, ISSI interoperability testing would require two RFSS's, connected via ISSI, in a single physical lab location. Compliance Testing is accredited to send a test engineer to location #1, connect to the supporting RFSS via VPN, and observe the SU responses via video hookup.

Some industry experts estimate that 20-25% of ISSIs purchased have never been deployed. These are sometimes referred to as "dangling ISSIs." Compliance Testing can assist agencies in testing their systems and setting them up to work properly.

Each ISSI test event is a "one-off," designed specifically by client requirements, capabilities, and preferences. Including:

  • Define scope of all testing required (configurations, features, Console, RFSS or both)

  • Review P25 CAP STR template, complete feature inventory, and gain approval by Host Client (MFR#1).

  • Create a detailed test plan, determine remote vs. in person.

  • Determine scope of testing and level of engagement

  • Organize all test events, coordinate with all parties.

  • Confirm that all logistics are ready for test events.

  • Travel to Host (MFR#1) location to conduct the testing. Establish video and reliable audio connection to supporting location (MFR#2) to observe equipment responses.

Compliance Testing offers six (6) different test events for ISSI/CSSI Interoperability testing:


a. RFSS MFR#1 via ISSI to RFSS MFR#1 - Connected local.

b. RFSS MFR#1 via ISSI to RFSS MFR#2 - Connected either remote via VPN or local.

2. RFSS to Console

a. RFSS MFR#1 via ISSI/CSSI to Console MFR#1 - Connected local.

b. RFSS MFR#1 via ISSI/CSSI to Console MFR#2 - Connected remote via VPN or local.

3. Console to RFSS

a. Console MFR#1 via ISSI/CSSI to RFSS MFR#1 - Connected local.

b. Console MFR#1 via ISSI/CSSI to RFSS MFR#2 - Connected remote via VPN or local.

For more information about testing services, visit the Compliance Testing website.


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