Could Ice Cubes Help Reduce Global Warming?

Can Ice Cubes really make a difference to global warming? This is a question that still remains to be answered. Going by the last seven years it does look hope full for Ice Cubes to play a small part in reducing global warming.

When Ice Cubes, an ice delivery company started in business 7 years ago one of their main focuses was to help reduce global warming. This may have been a huge undertaking for one small family run business.

It would seem that today nothing has changed with their commitment. So just how does a small family run business help reduce global warming? The answer is simple, "educating local businesses".

Ice Cubes is committed to helping educate local businesses who sell packaged ice products about the effects of global warming. Their education is simple and easy to understand.

Today most of us have become accustom to the availability of packaged ice to cool our drinks and place in our coolers to keep our frozen products frozen. The availability of packaged ice is growing with the ever increasing demand. It is now possible to find packaged ice in most retail outlets such as gas stations, food stores and even on your local golf courses greens.

With the increased demand for packaged ice products, more and more greenhouse gasses are been produced, or one would assume. Ice Cubes helps local businesses understand that producing their own packaged ice products is not cost effective and adds to the global warming problem.

You may be wondering how ice production raises global warming as I did. This is actually a problem for most businesses that produce their own packaged ice products. First they are consuming large amounts of electricity which in its self rises global warming, because of the fuels used to make electricity. Unfortunately most businesses that produce ice through the use of an on-site ice machine use an estimated $7.10 dollars per day of electricity (Information supplied by which equates to $2,592.96 dollars per year just in electrical running costs.

If we step back for a moment and look at the big picture with over 20 stores in your local town or city all producing ice and using this amount of electricity that adds up to a staggering $51,859.20 or 560,640 kilowatts of electricity used per year. These figures are calculated on the low side. To put these figures in perspective that is enough electricity to run 90 homes for a year. (Information supplied by One can only imagine how much electricity usage can be saved in some larger towns and cities where there are typically hundreds of stores producing their own packaged ice products.
Ice Cubes as an ice company has invested in the latest technologies for producing ice products. Their equipment uses less electricity per 100lbs of ice than any other type of machine. This equates to being able to produce larger quantities of ice products for a fraction of the normal electricity used by businesses. In fact Ice Cubes are able to produce the total amount of ice produced by all 20 businesses in our example for the cost of what one business uses in electricity. That in its self-lowers global warming by using less fossil fuels.

They have been able to implement more savings on the environment by cutting down the time delivery trucks are on the road delivering ice products. Most ice company's operate a delivery schedule and route. This means that the delivery trucks are on the road burning up fuel up to 10 hours per day, 6 days a week. Most of these trucks are not fuel efficient in the fact that they can burn up to 1 gallon of fuel for every ten miles. Take into account for traffic hold ups and diversions to the normal route and you are looking at an even higher fuel burn rate, all of which impacts the environment.

Ice cubes answer was again simple, smaller trucks that were more fuel efficient giving up to 20 plus miles per gallon and to also eliminate routes. The first thought is that this would impact customers who purchased ice products from them and disrupt reliable services for the customer. In fact it has had the reverse effect on customers, giving them a higher all round customer care.

"The elimination of delivery routes was at first seen as a down turn in customer satisfaction by businesses" Reported Mrs. Kaylene Lockwood, Sales Director for Ice Cubes. "Not until we had implemented our changes did businesses truly understand the impact it would have on their businesses and which would result in higher customer satisfaction."

Ice Cubes which is committed to giving the highest customer satisfaction it can, improved customer relations beyond expectations. The customer now has fresher product all the time, because as and when they require ice products, they are delivered. Added to the fact that they never have to worry about running out of ice products, due to having to wait until their designated delivery date.

Kaylene stated "Our customers now love the fact we will deliver within a couple of hours of their phone call requesting ice from us. This also enabled us to further bolster customer's confidence by offering our delivery guarantee, which states that if a customer requests ice and we do not deliver within 2 hours then the delivery is free."

She did go on to state the fact that Ice Cubes have never had to deliver ice products at any time for free because of how the delivery system now works.

The up side for businesses is a fresher product and readily available product unlike Ice Cubes competitors that regularly run out of product, there for losing sales and customers who are opting for outlets that have product in stock all the time.

As for the environment, well Ice Cubes continued commitment is a definite help, no matter how small an endeavor it may be. If more businesses looked at the basic principles behind Ice Cubes efforts to help clean up the environment we could see some dramatic changes to pollution.

As for me, well I will be paying more attention to where I purchase my ice products from. After all we all want to help save the environment and slowing down global warming is a must if we would like to inhabit this planet for the next couple of million years. By supporting businesses that are actively trying to make a difference sends a clear message to other businesses within the same profession to clean their act up. I may be just one person who has switched to buying my ice products from an ice company that outwardly promotes a cleaner environment. But one person is all it takes to make a change as they say. Hopefully other ice companies will follow in the greener footsteps of Ice Cubes.


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