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Canadian Rocker Andrew Jackson Combines Modern Rock with Genuine Lyrics to Create a Passionate Musical Commentary With His Debut Release, "Feral Familiar"

Toronto, ON-- Like his philosophy and music, Canadian-born rocker Andrew Jackson is going against the grain by making the official release of his debut album Feral Familiar insanely affordable. With a slick new marketing campaign, Jackson has spent a large portion of his time leaking tracks from his latest album all over the Internet for those die hard rockers that he calls, lucky and in-tune. Now that the campaign has finally come full circle, Jackson will release Feral Familiar for a grand total of just two Canadian dollars on July 26, 2011. "Most people don't pay for music so I thought I'd see if a low enough price would make them do the right thing. It made more sense to try and sell 100,000 albums at $2.00 than 20,000 at $10.00."

Jackson began rocking out at as a young boy to rock n roll legends like Led Zeppelin, Guns n Roses, and Pink Floyd- as well as to older Blues legends like the one and only Chuck Berry. With a guitar gripped in his hands from the age of twelve and being a songwriter for as long as he can remember, Jackson was surely born to be the rock star he's grown up to be. Feral Familiar is Jackson's musical commentary on the world in which we all live, an untamed tide of modern rock tinged with passionate, genuine lyrics personalized to inspire and impact today's audiences. Jackson relates his method of songwriting to creating art: "When you paint, you slowly add layers until the work finds its form. Songwriting, for me, is a very similar process." Jackson explains how the new tracks from Feral Familiar are lighter in terms of lyrical content compared to the previously leaked tracks, but overall, the updated album is an eclectic mix of compositions now full of even more great songs that flow effortlessly the whole way through.

Feral Familiar was recorded live with renowned producer John Nazario (Nelly Furtado, Jack Johnson, The Tea party) at Iguana Studios in Toronto and The Factory Studios in Vancouver. Jackson's gamut of musical influences create the truly diverse sound of Feral Familiar. Songs like "Big Baby" and "Enough Blood to Keep Em Coming" surge with Muddy Waters' delta blues and vintage riffs similar to the music of The White Stripes. Jackson's signature growl in "Mother Nature" hails to Billy Idol and Ian Astbury of The Cult, while tracks like "Hold On" are soaring, doo-wop rock ballads that punctuate the march of Feral Familiar and attest to Jackson's musical originality.

Most indie artists work day jobs and then there are those few who use the Internet to reach out directly to a world-wide audience without the help of a big record label. Jackson has taken hold of an opportunity to deliver his message without the modification of corporate influence. With a growing legion of fans and radio stations alike, Andrew Jackson is fast approaching his rightful position as an artist to watch on the rock scene.

And things don't stop here. 2011 brings international touring for Jackson, collaboration with several other artists, as well his commitment to the trend of leaking unreleased tracks for his fans. This time the songs will be from his innovative 2012 release, which will consist of ballads, club sounds and raw tracks, all tied together with the rock inclinations presented in Feral Familiar.

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