cyberGRID Software Connects Tesla Large-Scale Battery to Slovenian Energy Markets

cyberNOC is now implemented into one of the largest energy storage systems in Europe; Austrian tech company cyberGRID enables Slovenian energy solution provider Ngen to utilise a Tesla powerpack battery for a sustainable energy system

cyberGRID’s award-winning cyberNOC software* met an important milestone today with its integration with Ngen’s Tesla 12MW/24MWh battery storage system located in Jesenice, Slovenia. This represents the largest battery system installed in Slovenia and one of the largest operational energy storage systems in Europe.

Positioned in the heart of Ngen’s Tesla battery storage system, the cyberNOC platform enables Ngen to monetize its battery system by providing flexibility services to the energy markets. Additionally, cyberNOC will seamlessly connect a flexibility portfolio with commercial and industrial sites to offer other market services and innovative portfolio balancing.

During the event to celebrate the launch of the Tesla powerpack battery, the State Secretary in the Slovenian Ministry for Infrastructure, Bojan Kumer, spoke to the audience about the future role of large-scale batteries:

“The European electricity grid is one of the largest grids in the world. We look forward to seeing more of these projects in the future to contribute to the growing need for flexibility and support for renewables in this vast system.”

With regards to the integration of renewable energy, cyberGRID’s platform thus plays a pivotal role in EU-wide efforts towards decarbonisation. cyberNOC also reduces the risk of investment in large-scale battery storage systems by enabling participation in various energy markets, not just the primary reserve. More specifically, cyberNOC can provide battery operators at C&I locations the opportunity to participate in markets such as the primary, secondary (aFRR) and tertiary (mFRR) control markets, and offer grid stability, peak shaving services, frequency and voltage control, and community-level storage.

cyberNOC also meets the latest ENTSO-E requirements for ancillary service market platform integration (ECCO-SP) and activation data exchange (ICCP), reducing the time to market for battery operators.

About cyberGRID:

cyberGRID offers innovative ICT solutions, consulting services and research in the European power sector. As a flexibility technology provider, we currently work with over 150 partners from 26 countries for the provision of flexibility services within various innovation projects. In addition, we are involved in multiple European-wide research projects to promote Europe’s competitiveness, particularly in the energy sector.

With our technology cyberNOC enabling the favourable integration of renewable energies and storage devices, cyberGRID plays a major role in Europe’s full-speed decarbonisation efforts.

*cyberGRID’s platform cyberNOC is the winner of the 2019 Power Network Innovation Award from E.DSO and ENTSO-E

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