Daily Fantasy Sports Welcomes New Platform: Weather Battle

Weather Battle, a daily fantasy weather game of skill, hosts cash-prize fantasy game competitions in the U.S., allowing anyone to play and profit from the weather

Weather BattleⓇ, the latest entrant into the daily fantasy sports realm, celebrates its public launch today by offering new players a dollar-for-dollar match on deposits up to $100 through April 30, 2019.

Weather Battle is a game of skill inspired by daily fantasy sports, but instead of drafting athletes, cities are the players and the game is weather. At Weather Battle, players compete in battles every day to hone skills for money and glory. The game can be played online and on the go. It's available now for download on the App Store, with availability on Google Play coming soon.

Weather Battle was created by an avid fantasy sports fan and meteorologist located in the heart of "Tornado Alley" who recognized that weather is similar to sports in that a precise outcome is difficult to predict. With this in mind, he set out to design a platform that allows participants to pick locations where they believe specific types or intensities of weather will occur.

“Our goal with Weather Battle is appealing to those who love the weather. We want to provide them a fun new way to engage with it and profit from it,” says John Moss, Weather Battle’s VP of marketing. “Going forward, we will continue to prioritize the customer experience while evolving the game based upon feedback, with a goal of increasing engagement through playability. In other words, we want our players to have fun.”

Battle every day against other players by predicting basic weather like heat, cold, wind and rain. The platform includes built-in forecast assistance that helps increase the odds of winning. Players do not need to have extensive weather knowledge to participate and win. Challenge friends, family or coworkers in free or money games today.

About Weather Battle LLC

Weather Battle is the first daily fantasy sports platform of its kind and is permitted to operate as a game of skill in 40 states in the U.S. The software platform is PCI and CIPP/IT certified for maximum financial security, exceeding all current KYC/Geo-Location standards, the same standards utilized by major banks. Weather Battle leverages a series of patent-pending methods for game creation and scoring.

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Source: Weather Battle


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