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Novosoft LLC, the acclaimed data protection provider, announced a series of trainings covering the most vital yet insufficiently addressed issues of data recovery.

Novosoft, the developer of Handy Backup, the trending data backup software, announced a series of online and offline trainings covering the issues of data recovery being the most important yet drastically lacking sufficient consideration ones. Among the covered topics on data recovery there are backup data encryption management, server configuration proper storage, and others. The participation in the trainings along with course materials are already available on Handy Backup Google+ page and via an email request (see the contact below).

"There is a shift in our mass conscious taking place at the moment. Every day we deal with enormous amounts of data which inevitably include important stuff besides the smiling kitty videos. So, we do care about protection that important computer data more than we did even a year ago. Many people and companies use backup solutions presently. But there is a data protection lesson many users still hasn't learned properly: data recovery. That is why we are to host those data restore trainings now: backup itself is not enough for data protection, people have to start recovering their data too," said Aleks Dow, the head of Handy Backup Analytics Department.

Novosoft announced a series of online and offline trainings addressing the issues of data disaster recovery ( ). The first topics to be featured on online trainings are backup consistency management and proper storage media choice.

The backup consistency part is announced to review the issue of identifying and copying all data settings. E.g. the backup of encrypted data requires not only the data to be transferred to the storage, but an encryption key too.

The storage media choice strategy involves multiple key parameters to be checked before the backup starts: the capacity of storage to get enough space for all the copied data, file system (e.g. FAT32 will not allow storing files larger than 4 GB), and others.

The offline trainings will take place on a number of local IT events and self-hosted by Novosoft seminars. The time and place of offline trainings on data recovery by Handy Backup data experts are to be announced soon.

The access to training participation along with course materials can be requested on Handy Backup Google+ page ( ) and [email protected], subject Data Recovery Training Application.

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Handy Backup is a family of acclaimed data backup and restore killer apps for PCs, servers, mixed OS networks, and Android mobile devices. The software prices are from $0 for Handy Backup for Android to $599 for Handy Backup Network Server, the most advanced software editions for running backups of an entire network from a single administrator PC. The present version is 7.1.1. For more information, feel irresistibly welcome to visit the official Handy Backup brand page, Handy Backup on Google+ (free software licenses for hanging out with Handy Backup social media managers), Facebook, and @Handy_Backup channel on Twitter..

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