David Garcia Releases 'The Street Illuminati: Genesis of Monsters'

The formerly incarcerated author and screenwriter now focuses on the TV series and three other novels.

The Street Illuminati

David Garcia releases The Street Illuminati: Genesis of MonstersThe provocative tale follows business juggernaut Angel Dominguez, gang leader, Jack "DJ" Johnson, and powerful members of two secret societies: The Suma'at Illuminati and the Bavarian Illuminati.

Garcia has also completed a cable TV series synopsis which can be viewed on his website: chosenwarfare.com. Agents, producers and media contacts can view the complete series pitch containing the pilot script and series bible. Garcia is currently submitting to multiple streaming entertainment service companies.

"Many people believe world famine, economic control, and social unrest are the result of an Illuminati type organization," Garcia said. "I wrote the series with that in mind. One reader commented he had never read a novel where the Illuminati were actual characters and described it as The Wire mixed with Game of Thrones."

Genesis of Monsters is the prequel to the original book, which Garcia has revised and will publish later this year as The Street Illuminati II: El Dragón.

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About David Garcia

David studied writing throughout his 20 years in prison. In that time, he came to admire the different styles of Gabriel García Márquez, Esmeralda Santiago, James Baldwin, Ernest Hemingway, and many others. As a result, he shaped a style all his own. David's novels fuse 21st-century subject matter with historical institutionalism, all while using a gritty, realistic diction meant to challenge the reader's moral sense.

Garcia wrote The Street Illuminati series while in prison, as well as the TV serial adaptation. A friend helped him release the original paperback in 2014. Although met with positive reviews, Garcia became disappointed with the inability to interact with readers. Many had expressed their desire to do so through the P.O. Box set up for paperback sales, but inmates don't have internet access, nor the resources necessary to establish a social media presence. Ultimately, Garcia decided to unpublish and wait until his March 2021 release. Meanwhile, he focused on his novels, screenwriting for movies and cable TV, and teaching younger inmates the art of storytelling.

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