Detectamet's Detectable Ingredient Packaging Reduces Recall Risks

Detectamet's new range of detectable of plastic packaging is used to make plastic sacks in all practical sizes and thicknesses and detectable plastic liners for paper sacks. This reduces the contamination recall risks presented by ingredient packaging .From strong 25 Kilo sacks to small sachets this new detectable material can be customised in nine optional colours for special tasks.

The recall of food because of plastic contamination is regular news. There are countless different undetectable plastic items used every day in food processing. Each item is a potential contaminant.

 James Chrismas MD at Detectamet, the manufacturer of the most detectable plastic products in the world disclosed that “Customers have provided us with data on the sources of contamination” he said “and of the plastic contamination events identified by consumers some 40% of them were contaminated with packaging” James explained.

"These new detectable packaging materials are significant responses to the challenge of reducing the risk of contamination of food by pieces of ingredient sacks "

James Chrismas, Managing Director

Packaging is essential for handling and protecting food and food ingredients. However, until now, there has been little packaging that the Metal and X-Ray inspection systems could find and reject should it accidentally get into the finished food.

 Today Detectamet has launched a new range of plastic packaging material that is food safe and Metal and X-Ray Detectable. The material can be used to make plastic sacks in all practical sizes and thicknesses. It can also be used to make detectable plastic liners for paper sacks.  From strong 25 Kilo sacks to small sachets this new detectable packaging can be custom made for specific purposes. Customers can select from nine colors to identify brand or purpose or to provide extra visibility like strong blue. The special polyethylene used to make the material has been cleared as safe for direct contact with food in compliance with US and EU regulations.

“I have been asked several times by retailers if we can reduce the risk of contamination by pieces of ingredient sacks and this new material is a significant response to this challenge.” James told us.  

This follows swiftly on the heels of Detectamet’s new Detectable Paper. When used to make labels and combined with the detectable bags this will help the food industry to raise the protection of customers to a new level.  “We see these products as a marketing opportunity to ingredient suppliers wanting to demonstrate their diligence in protecting their customers’ reputations” James concluded.  For more information contact james.chrismas at


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Detectamet is based near York in the UK. The company has for twelve years been supplying food production companies with tools and equipment made from metal and X-ray detectable plastics and from stainless steel.

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