Do Neutrinos Have Power? Holger Thorsten Schubart Dared to Believe

The future of neutrino energy is bright

Do Neutrinos Have Power? Holger Thorsten Schubart Dared to Believe

​​​Dr. Leonid Rumyantsev is now a member of the Scientific Council of the Neutrino Energy Group. Things, however, certainly didn't start that way.

Leonid first met Holger Thorsten Schubart in 2015, and at the time, he wouldn't have argued if you'd told him Schubart was a madman. Instead of investing in the latest photovoltaic cells or erecting wind farms, Holger was hellbent on deriving usable electricity from neutrinos.

Dr. Rumyantsev had heard of the eccentric Schubart from colleagues, but even now, most people would describe Holger's dreams as nothing short of fantastic. Schubart contends that it's possible to generate electrical energy from invisible cosmic radiation, and the thing is, he's proved that he's right.

From humble beginnings

At first, the scientific community didn't know what to think about Schubart's dedication to what seemed to be a delusional fantasy. Having already made all the money he needed with flying colors, Holger had obviously turned in a different direction. He wanted to solve humanity's energy crisis and essentially save the world.

Until 2019, Holger Schubart's neutrino research organization was entirely self-funded. Every single dollar that went into the origins of the Neutrino Energy Group was fronted by Holger himself, and skeptics were content to call him reckless from the sidelines.

Over the years, however, more and more hard scientists have been infected with Holger's steadfast firmness in his beliefs, and now, the dream of neutrino energy has won over some of the most prominent scientific minds of our age. More and more prominent researchers have flocked to the Scientific Council of the Neutrino Energy Group, and Holger's camp of supporters has grown to unforeseeable levels.

"We sing a song to the foolishness of the brave! To the madness of the brave, we sing glory!"

Schubart's mad dream perfectly evokes this quote from Maxim Gorky's “Song of the Falcon” (1898). As early as 2000, scientists were already looking at the possibility of deriving electrical energy from neutrinos. An unexplainable increasing of atomic vibration observed in the process of attempting to improve the efficiency of solar cells ended up being the starting point of Holger Schubart's unprecedented efforts to assemble an international team of scientists capable of proactively tackling the neutrino problem.

By 2008, it was clear that Schubart's delusion was actually more on-track than anyone had given him credit for, and efforts began to commercialize the energy that could suddenly be derived from passing neutrinos. However, history is littered with examples of incredible inventions that never saw the light of day due to extenuating circumstances covering up the power of human genius. It's up to us to make sure the same thing doesn't happen to neutrino energy, and along with the rest of the Scientific Council of the Neutrino Energy Group, Dr. Rumyantsev has dedicated himself to the task of ensuring that Holger's vision won't fail.

The future of neutrino energy is bright

Until 2015, the scientific consensus was that neutrinos do not have mass, but the international scientific community descended into an uproar when Takaaki Kajita of Japan and Arthur McDonald of Canada were jointly awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics. They had independently determined that neutrinos do, in fact, have mass, which means these ethereal particles can be harnessed for energy production purposes.

A mere four years after this momentous discovery, the scientific community has already been forced to admit that neutrinos have mass, and the practical basis of neutrinovoltaic physics has now been established. Mainstream publications, such as Der Spiegel, routinely report on the latest neutrino energy experiments at German facilities like the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

The work of the scientists at ETH (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule, Zürich) recently showed that materials with thicknesses between 10-20 nanometers are profoundly affected by the vibrations that occur on their surfaces. For context, these materials are 5,000 times thinner than a human hair, but tiny vibrations on the surface of one of these nanoparticles essentially determine how the entire material behaves. In addition to telling us interesting things about the nature of matter at nano-thicknesses, these experiments also independently corroborate the validity of neutrinovoltaic technologies.

Practical neutrinovoltaic technology now exists

While Holger Schubart has been talking about the viability of neutrino energy since 2008, it's only today that his ideas are finding solid confirmation in the independent work of researchers from around the world. During the past year, an incredible amount of capital has poured into the Neutrino Energy Group from outside investors who want to see Holger's vision shine.

This increased interest in neutrinovoltaics shouldn't come as a surprise. After all, technologies that have the capacity to completely reshape the global energy infrastructure only come once in an era, and plenty of prominent investors want to jump on this transformative trend while it's still largely unknown.

The neutrino-centric clean energy infrastructure of the future is coming

Already, neutrinovoltaic technology is breaking free of the lab and coming in fast for consumer-level electronic devices all around the world. Smartphones that never have to charge and entire smart houses that run off nothing but the invisible rays of the cosmos are coming soon.

The most impressive benefit of neutrino energy is that it generates electricity at the site of use. Therefore, there is no dropoff in voltage or need for wires and plugs.

Neutrinovoltaic energy devices are highly compact, and they require hardly any maintenance or part replacement. Neutrino Power Cubes are already being developed with various output capacities, and these price-competitive clean energy sources will soon be available for consumer use. Imagine being able to plug your phone, TV, or space heater into a Neutrino Power Cube that works in darkness, underground, underwater or anywhere else in the world.

The development of neutrino energy technology will be one of the greatest scientific revolutions of the 21st century.

The dreamlike world of limitless clean energy is coming - learn more at

Written by: Nuclear Physicist Dr. Leonid Rumyantsev

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