Doped Nanographene is the Key to Unlocking Neutrinovoltaic Technologies

Today, the most inspiring feats of engineering occur at a scale that is invisible to the naked eye. In stark contrast to skyscrapers, space shuttles, and other examples of macroengineering that dramatically shaped the 20th century, the 21st century will be defined by its feats of nanonengineering, which is engineering that occurs at the smallest possible scales.

The Neutrino Energy Group Is Unlocking Unbelievable Technologies

​​​​Recently, the Berlin-based Neutrino Energy Group discovered a new form of nanoengineering that delivers materials capable of transforming the motions of the universe's most ethereal particles into usable electrical engineering. With doped graphene and an unquenchable spirit of discovery, the Neutrino Energy Group is on the cusp of evolving neutrinovoltaic energy into a practical reality.

Doped Nanographene Represents the Cutting Edge of Nanoengineering

In the context of material engineering, "doped" refers to the process of removing certain atoms in a material and replacing them with other atoms. In the case of doped graphene, some carbon atoms are removed from a graphene sheet and replaced with other types of atoms.

2016 Scientists created a material called trilayer-graphene that consists of three ultra-thin sheets of doped graphene layered on top of each other. Researchers found that trilayer graphene was capable of amplifying kinetic energy to an almost unimaginable degree. Little did they know, however, that German energy researcher and Neutrino Energy Group founder Holger Thorsten Schubart had developed a nearly identical material nearly a full year earlier.

Neutrinovoltaic Technology Transforms Kinetic Energy From Neutrinos Into Electricity

In a patent filed in 2015, Schubart detailed a doped graphene technology that transforms the kinetic energy of passing neutrinos into electricity. Inspired by the confirmation that neutrinos have mass that also occurred in 2015, Schubart set out to develop a technology capable of converting the mass of these ethereal particles into usable energy.

While neutrinos are invisible and cannot be stopped by practically any material, it turns out that they possess mass, and anything that has mass also has energy. Having developed his own doped graphene nanomaterials long before the rest of the scientific establishment caught up, Holger Thorsten Schubart rapidly assembled the Neutrino Energy Group and tasked this unprecedented consortium of leading energy scientists and engineers with designing the world's first neutrino energy devices.

The Neutrino Energy Group is Unlocking Unbelievable Technologies

Nanomaterials have fantastical properties that practically defy the limits of the imagination. While neutrinovoltaic devices containing doped graphene may not end up becoming the most unbelievable nanomaterial-based technologies developed during this century, they will certainly be among the most practical.

As the world struggles to find suitable alternatives to fossil fuels, it may be the smallest materials that produce the largest impact. With his theories proven right at every turn, it's only a matter of time until Holger Thorsten Schubart and the Neutrino Energy Group develop the nanomaterial-based energy technologies that will power the future.

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