Dr. Alicia Lorraine Gwynn, Wife of Baseball Great Tony Gwynn, Releases Music Single Called 'Free'

Having written and produced music for 25 years, Dr. Alicia Gwynn is now stepping into the spotlight on a global stage.

Dr. Alicia Gwynn

Dr. Alicia Lorraine Gwynn is launching a music career with her newly released album "Energy on 10" and just released single, "Free." Dr. Gwynn, the wife of the late baseball great and hall of famer Tony Gwynn, is finding purpose through music. After a 25-year career writing and producing, Gwynn is moving from behind-the-scenes as a songwriter and indie-label owner into the spotlight with her "LishMusic."

Praised as one of San Diego's leading ladies, Dr. Gwynn is a long-standing business owner and philanthropist, community builder, and now recording artist. She is blazing a trail of renewed hope, faith, and courage through her music and her life story.

"I'm pleased to have released my new single and to take the stage in a more public way with my music," says Dr. Gwynn. "My music is full of soul combined with rhythmic and dance expressions. I hope listeners are uplifted by the experience."

In addition to her new music single called "Free," which was released April 2, 2019, Gwynn will be taping the "Gwynn and Glenn" radio show in affiliation with BET Mobile DST International for the BET Awards Weekend. Dr. Gwynn also has wine tasting events for celebrities on BET Awards Weekend.

Dr. Gwynn holds a Ph.D. in education and master's degrees in human resources and counseling with an emphasis in marriage and family. A certified anger management counselor, Gwynn is certified in the Ellison Inclusive Community Building Model. Her book, "The Creed of Life: Practical Principles of Character Building," has been used by the San Diego State University Multicultural Center for graduate student programs, and has recently been used by the Kidz4Kidz International Youth Conference, which serves hundreds of youth across the U.S. and the Caribbean Islands.

Currently, Dr. Gwynn serves on the board of directors for San Diego North County Regional Chamber, in which she is the former chairperson for the Chamber's Education Foundation. Dr. Gwynn also has two children Tony, Jr., a sports broadcaster for the San Diego Padres and Anisha Nicole, an accomplished music artist. For more information about Dr. Gwynn's music, visit LishMusic.com.

About Dr. Alicia Gwynn

Dr. Alicia Lorraine Gwynn maintains a robust portfolio with posts as president and CEO of several companies, including Gwynndustries, Inc., a full-service management company; Gwynn Foods, a catering and retail products company; and Gwynn Sports, a marketing and merchandising company. She is also the president of the Tony and Alicia Gwynn Foundation, a charity organization dedicated to bettering the lives of disadvantaged youth. For more information, visit LishMusic.com and follow Alicia Gwynn on social media @www.swingtv.com @4lishmusic.

Source: Dr. Alicia Gwynn


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